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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 4-2018 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    G.N. MOTOVA, V.G. NAVODNOV. From Institutional Accreditation to Monitoring of Effectiveness. Pp. 9-21
    A.I. CHUCHALIN. Modernization of the Three-cycle Engineering Education Based on FSES 3++ and CDIO++. Pp. 22-32
    E.V. KARAVAEVA, O.V. VOROBIEVA, V.P. TYSHKEVICH. On the Creation of a Research Competencies Development Model for Higher Education Programs Graduates. Pp. 33-47
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    V.S. SENASHENKO. Legal Framework of Higher Education in Russia Needs Reconfiguration. Pp. 48-56
    D.A. SEVOSTYANOV. Educational Standards and the Crisis of Education. Pp. 57-65
    I.N. MISHIN. Problems of the Formation of Universal and Professional Competences in the FSES HE 3 ++ and the Ways of Their Solutions. Pp. 66-75
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2018 Sociology of Education
    M.I. ZHABSKIY, K.A. TARASOV. Entertainment Violence in the Leisure of Student Youths. Pp. 76-85
    V.A. STARODUBTSEV, P.V. RODIONOV. Volunteer Organization as a School of Students' Vocational Trials. Pp. 86-92
    S.S. DONETSKAYA, S.V. DOVGAL. Experience of Novosibirsk State University in Promotion its Graduates on Labor Market and Tracking Their Career. Pp. 93-100
    Higher School Pedagogy
    E.I. MURATOVA, N.V. MOLOTKOVA. Pedagogical Practice of Technical University Postgraduates: Tradition and Innovations. Pp. 101-114
    E.O. POKHOMCHIKOVA. Project Design of Learning Activity Cycle from the Perspective of Activity and Competence Approach. Pp. 115-126
    S.E. SHCHEPETOVA, A.I. SATDYKOV. Application of Game-Based Simulation in "System Analysis" Courses. Pp. 127-134
    Higher Education Abroad
    Yu.D. ARTAMONOVA, A.L., DEMCHUK, A.N. KARNEYEV, V.V. SAFONOVA. Modern Strategies for the Development of Science and Researchers Training: International Experience. Pp. 135-148
    Education Online
    A.A. KUZNETSOVA, V.B. NIKISHINA. Video Lecture as a University Teacher's Self-Representation in the Conditions of Electronic Educational Resources Implementation. Pp.149-155
    M.A. BABAEVA, A.F. SMYK. Extramural Education: A Historical Path to MOOC. Pp. 156-166

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