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    .: Issue 4-2016 :.

    Practice of Education Modernization
    ALAVERDOV, A.R., ALAVERDOVA, T.P. Organization of the Process of Professional and Psychological Adaptation of Young University Professors. Pp. 5-16
    CHUCHALIN, A.I. Application of the CDIO Approach to Three Level Engineering Programs Design. Pp. 17-32
    RAYCHUK, D.YU., MININA, N.V. About Positioning Postgraduate School in a Three-Tier System of Higher Education. Pp. 33-41
    Engineering Pedagogy
    GRIGORASH, O.V. Measures Aimed at Raising the Prestige of Higher Technical Education in Russia. . Pp. 42-48
    LEUSHIN, I.O., LEUSHINA, I.V. Some Aspects of Development and Implementation of Educational Programs in a Technical University. Pp. 49-54
    FADEEV, A.S., GERDY, V.N., BALTYAN, V.K., FEDOROV, V.G. The Integration of Education, Science and Industry: the Model of Bauman University. Pp. 55-63
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2016 Sociology of Education
    LEONIDOVA, G.V., USTINOVA, K.A. Employment in the Region According to Qualification Field. Pp. 64-71
    AMBAROVA, P.A., ZBOROVSKY, G.E. Temporal Characteristics and Contradictions of Student Youth. Pp. 72-80
    ELKINA, A.S., SHEVCHENKO, E.S. Factors Affecting Demand in the Teacher Labour Market in Russia. Pp. 81-90
    NEFEDOVA, A.I. Measuring the Quality of College Life on an Example of Russian University. Pp. 91-98
    Doctoral Training
    ROBOTOVA, A.S. Why is it Necessary to Study the Pedagogical Routine? Pp. 99-109
    University Life
    MGIMO-University: achievements and new horizons (Interview with the Rector A.V. Torkunov). Pp. 110-115
    KIRILLOV, V.B., VOEVODA, E.V. Language Training of International Relations Students. Pp. 116-122
    KASATKIN, P.I., INOZEMTSEV, M.I. Current Issues of Arranging Post-Graduate Education of Academic Staff Training. Pp. 123-127
    LOGINOV, I.A., BELOGUROV, A.YU., KULYGINA, M.A. Space for Realizing Strategies of Students' Personal and Professional Development. Pp. 128-135
    BAYKOV, A.A., PICHKOV, O.B. Master Training: Tradition and Innovations. Pp. 136-143
    SHISHLOVA, E.E., MIRZOEVA, A.M. Development of University as a Competitive Educational Organization. Pp. 144-149
    Higher Education Pedagogy
    KAYUMOV, O.R. Scope of Applicability of the Competence Approach in Education. Pp. 150-155
    ADOLF, V.A. Pedagogical Search in the Context of Formation of Methodological Competence. Pp. 156-160
    DUDCHIK, S.V. Tutor Support of Educational Events within the System for Teacher Further Training. Pp. 161-165
    Facts, Comments, Notes
    ZINCHENKO, O.V., MURAVYEVA, A.A., VLADIMIROVA, O.V. Simulation Training in Medical Student Preparation. Pp. 166-168

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