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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 4-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    BLINOVV.I.,BATROVAO.F.,ESENINAE.Yu., FAKTOROVICHA.A.Professional standards: from development to implementation. Pp. 5-14
    CHUCHALIN A. I. Educational standards of the leading Russian universities.Pp. 14-25
    GURTOV V.A., SHCHEGOLEVAL.V. Does candidate of sciences need to publish articles?Pp. 25-33
    Engineering pedagogy
    BAGDASARYANN.G.Engineering education: between mission and the standard.Pp. 34-43
    GAZALIYEV A.M.,EGOROV V.V. BREYDO I.V.Dual training in higher technical education in Kazakhstan.Pp. 44-50
    EREMENKOA.S. Master courses in international law at technical universities.Pp. 50-55
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 4 2015 Discussing a problem
    KARMANOV V.V., KARMANOVA S.V., GERASIMCHUKI.L. Improving the structure of engineering training within strategic partnership with companies.Pp. 56-61
    NIKOLAEVA M.A., KLESHCHEVSKYYu.N., RYAZANOVAO.A. Topical problems of preparation of trade personnel and the way of their decision.Pp. 61-64
    SMYSHLYAEVAL.G.,DEMINAL.S.,TITOVAG.Yu. Professional probation as a means for training bachelors for social and educational sphere.Pp. 65-59
    185 years of the great history (Jubilee of Bauman Moscow State Technical University)
    ALEKSANDROVA.A. From craft school to national research university of technique and technology.Pp. 72-78
    MOROZOVA.N.,KARASIKV.E.,ERKOVICHO.S.The role of the scientific and educational centers at modern technical university.Pp. 79-86
    ZIMINV.N., PADALKINB.V. Problems of training of qualified staff for space industry.Pp. 87-91
    BORISOV S.R., KOROBETSB.N. Engineering education, business and management of intellectual property.Pp. 91-97
    KORSHUNOVS.V.,KUZNETSOVM.V.,TIMOFEEVV.B. Association of Sino-Russiantechnical universities as a new institution for international cooperation in higher education area.Pp. 97-104
    BATUEVAG.G. Social policy at technical university.Pp. 104-109.
    DERMERP.B.,DOBRINETSM.V.,GOFMAN A.M. Student self-government at technical university.Pp. 110-116
    Sociology of education
    GOROKHOVV.G. The change of the role of science and scientific education in the modern society of the 21st century.Pp. 117-127
    RAKITOVA.I.,ANISIMOVAA.E. Higher education and society: Russia and other countries.Pp. 128-135
    Pages of history
    PEREVALOVAE.V. Questions of the female higher education on pages of the domestic press of the 1860-1880TH. (On the material of editorials of the "MoskovskiyeVedomosti" newspaper).Pp. 136-142
    KARNAUKHN.V. The phenomenon of scientific-pedagogical school of the professorial institute.Pp. 143-149
    PETRIK V.V. Areasof scientific research at higher school of pedagogical education in Siberia in 1960-1980sPp. 149-154
    Facts, comments, notes
    PLOTNIKOVA I.V.,RED'KO L.A.,YANUSHEVSKAYAM.N. Creative project (Experience ofTomsk Polytechnic University).Pp. 155-159
    KAYGORODTSEVAN.V.,ODINETSM.N.The modular principle in organization of courses on AutoCAD.Pp. 159-163
    BOYKOG.V.,POLUEKTOVM.V. Final certification of bachelors in the FSES.Pp. 136-167

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