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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 3-2021 :.

    Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    V.A. BOLOTOV, G.N. MOTOVA, V.G. NAVODNOV. Global Aggregated Ranking of HEIs: Russian Footprint. Pp. 9-25
    Yu.B. RUBIN, E.Yu. SOBOLEVA. Independence of Higher Education Quality Assurance: Criteria, Principles, Realities. Pp. 26-42
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    M.A. TCHOSHANOV. Learning Sciences Perspective on Engineering of Distance Learning. Part 2. Pp. 43-58
    M.A. GOLOVCHIN. Institutional Traps of Digitalization of Russian Higher Education. Pp. 59-75
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2021 Higher Education Pedagogy
    B. BALAKRISHNAN, F. TOCHINAI, H. KANEMITSU, M.F.W. ABDULLAH, S. INDARTONO. Belief and Intention towards Design Ethics among Design Undergraduates in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions. Pp. 76-86
    V.P. IGNATIEV. Oppositions and Antinomies of Modern Educational Reality. Pp. 87-103
    V.A. NEMTINOV, A.B. BORISENKO, V.V. MOROZOV, Yu.V. NEMTINOVA. Increasing the Level of Professional Competence Using a Virtual Educational Environment. Pp. 104-113
    Sociology of Higher Education
    M.K. SHNARBEKOVA. The Role of Higher Education in Reproduction of Social Inequality in the Labor Market of Kazakhstan. Pp. 114-127
    N.A. SELIVERSTOVA, M.G. SOLNYSHKINA. Distance Learning as an Educational Trend in Higher Education. Pp. 128-141
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    E.I., NAUMOVA, E.G. SOKOLOV. Discourse of University: Knowledge in the Era of Contemporary Forms of Capitalism Development. Pp. 142-150
    S.A. SHEYPAK. Publishing a Research Article: A Dialogue between the Author and the Journal. Pp. 151-168

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