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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 3-2020 :.

    Sociology of Education
    O.H. KUZU. Digital Transformation in Higher Education: A Case Study on Strategic Plans. Pp. 9-23
    L.F. KRASINSKAYA, A.S. KLIMOVA. Doctoral Programs Are in Anticipation of Change: Postgraduates and Their Scientific Supervisors' Readiness. Pp. 24-36
    Academic Writing
    L.K. RAITSKAYA, E.V. TIKHONOVA. An Overview of Reviews as a Trend Maker in the Field. Pp. 37-57
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2020 Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    V.S. SENASHENKO. Features of Postgraduate Program Reforming as an Issue for Scientific and Pedagogical Discussion Pp. 58-73
    A.I. ALTUKHOV, M.A. SKVAZNIKOV, A.A. SHEKHONIN. Development Features of the FSES for Tiered and Continuous Higher Education. Pp. 74-84
    Higher School Pedagogy
    I.I. GNUTOVA. From Flipped Classroom to Flipped Learning: Evolution of the Concept and Its Philosophical Foundations. Pp. 86-95
    MGIMO University celebrates 75th anniversary. P. 96
    M.I. INOZEMTSEV, M.K. MARUSHINA, A.M. MIRZOYEVA. Models for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Corporate Training Programs for Managers on the Principle of Cross-Functionality. Pp. 97-107
    D.G. KOROVYAKOVSKY, T.Yu. IGUMENTSEVA, V.V. VOLKOVA. Language Training of Customs Affairs Specialists: International and Russian Experience. Pp. 108-118
    N.D. AFANASIEVA, M.A. VOLKOVA, E.I. TSYMBALYUK. Teaching Russian to Non-Native Speaking Students in the Multicultural Space of Russian and Moldova Universities. Pp. 119-126
    E.V. VOEVODA, G.N. MUTAF. The Role of Socio-Cultural Factors in Teaching Students a Minority Language. Pp. 127-135
    Internationalization of Education
    M. DE MARTINO, G.F. TKACH, S.A. KOVALENKO. Modern Trends in Public Funding of Higher Education. Pp. 136-152
    O.V. TOPORKOVA. On the Content of Higher Technical Education Curricula Abroad: Current Trends (Review). Pp. 153-167

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