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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 3-2018 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.N. Danilov, M.B. Gitman, V.Yu. Stolbov, E.K. Gitman. Engineering Personnel Training System in Modern Russia: Educational Trajectories and Quality Control. Pp. 5-15
    R.G. Strongin, E.V. Chuprunov. Towards University Innovation Belt: Problems of Management. Pp. 16-22
    S.V. Korshunov. The System of Standardization of Education in the Russian Federation Celebrates a Quarter of a Century. Pp. 23-37
    Higher Education Pedagogy: Critical Discourse
    V.S. Senashenko. Conjugation Levels between Higher Education and Labour Sphere. Pp. 38-47
    M.A. Ivanova. The Bologna Process and Learner Autonomy: Russian Specifics. Pp. 48-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2018 Sociology of Education
    G.P. Ivanova, O.K. Logvinova, N.N. Shirkova. Pedagogical Support of Foreign Students' Sociocultural Adjustment: The Experience of Implementation. Pp. 60-69
    A.R. Alaverdov. Paradoxes in the Approach to Faculty Remuneration in Private Universities. Pp. 70-84
    Engineering Pedagogy
    A.N. Solovyev, V.M. Prikhodko. The International Society for Engineering Pedagogy: The Achievements for 45 Years. Pp. 85-95
    N.N. Dvulichanskaya, G.N. Fadeev. Baccalaureate at Technical University: Problems and Ways of Their Solutions. Pp. 96-103
    Topical Theme
    Value Aspects in the Realization of the Third Mission of University
    N.D. Tskhadaya. Values in the Strategic Management of a Modern Russian University. Pp. 105-112
    V.M. Florea, O.A. Volkova, L.A. Kravtsova. Value-Competence Based Synergy in the Design and Implementation of University Educational Programs. Pp. 113-119
    V.A. Pulkina, G.V. Korshunov. Media Support of University Activities in the Context of University Image Promotion. Pp. 120-125
    O.I. Belyaeva, A.N. Kustyshev. "Ukhta is the Birthplace of the First Russian Oil" as a Brand of University's Information Policy. Pp. 126-134
    D.N. Bezgodov, E.A. Vologin, S.V. Shilova. Philosophy as an Academic Discipline for Technical Undergraduates and Specialist Degree Students. Pp. 135-143
    Higher School Pedagogy
    S.I. Pozdeeva. Master's Degree Environment as a Space for Personal Professional Development of Students and Professors. Pp. 144-152
    I.D. Stolbova, E.P. Aleksandrova, M.N. Krainova, V.P. Varuskin. Updating the Graphic Education of Construction Students. Pp. 153-162

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