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    .: Issue 3-2017 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.R. ALAVERDOV, N.V. GROMOVA. Scientific and Pedagogical Workers and Administrative Staff: Conflict of Interest or Constructive Interaction? Pp. 5-16
    D.A. SEVOSTYANOV. Plagiarism in Modern Education: A Problem or a Symptom? Pp. 17-25
    E.I. TRUBNIKOVA. The Information Asymmetry and Tendencies of the Market of Scientific Publications. Pp. 26-36
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    N.I. MARTISHINA. Discursive Practices of Education and Change of Paradigm. Pp. 37-42
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Humanities Lecturer in e-Learning Mode: "Soul Excitement". Pp. 43-51
    S.I. POZDEEVA. University Teacher: Methodologist, Researcher, Novator? Pp. 52-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2017 Philosophy of Education and Science
    N.I. KUZNETSOVA. The Phenomenon of a Scientific Discipline. Pp. 59-70
    N.V. DANIELYAN. Intensification of "Living Knowledge" at the Transition to Knowledge Society. Pp. 71-77
    Education Online
    N.D. KLIKUNOV. The Impact of Network Technologies on the Transformation of Russian Higher Education. Pp. 78-85
    A.V. DOZHDIKOV. The Distant Creative Examination for University Entrants. Pp. 86-92
    The 85th Anniversary of the Classical University in Kabardino-Balkaria.
    Yu.K. AL'TUDOV. About Kabardino-Balkarian State University from the First Person Perspective. Pp. 95-100
    A.G. KAZHAROV, Kh.G. TKHAGAPSOEV, M.M. YAKHUTLOV. Magistracy in Modern Russian University: Regional Dimension. Pp. 101-108
    G. V. DEDKOV, A.A. KYASOV, Kh. B. KUSHKHOV. On the Role of Regional Universities in the Development of Science and Education. Pp. 109-115
    R.H. KOCHESOKOV, Z.A. KUCHUKOVA. Humanities in a Regional University. Pp. 116-121
    S.K. BASHIEVA, M.Ch. KREMSHOKALOVA, I.V. SHONTUKOVA. The Russian Language in Ethnoregional Multilingual Environment. Pp. 122-126
    A.M. KUMYKOV, A.Kh. LYUEV, G.A. ZHABELOVA, K.N. ZHURAVEL. Students' Social Activities as a Guarantee of Their Professional Success. Pp. 122-126
    Discussing a Problem
    V.S. KORINA. The Organization of Students' Self-Study in Piano Class for Variable Professional Activities. Pp. 133-140
    N.V. FILONOV, N.N. MALIVANOV. Balanced Labour Intensity as an Essential Condition for Education Quality Assurance. Pp. 141-145
    L.I. KNYAZEVA, L.A. KNYAZEVA, I.I. GORYAINOV, M.A. STEPCHENKO, N.S. MESCHERINA, N.A. BORISOVA. The Role of Modern Educational Technologies in Teaching Medical Students. Pp. 146-150
    O.V. YANUSCHIK, V.A. DALINGER. Context Mathematical Problems in the Formation of Core Competences of Engineering Students. Pp. 151-154
    Seminars. Conferences
    L.B. LOGUNOVA, , Yu.Yu. PETRUNIN. Methodological Notes on the Metaphysical Impressions (Summing up the results the conference). Pp. 155-161
    V.F. GOROKHOV. On the Implementation of Humanities Modules at Technical Universities. Pp. 162-164

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