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    .: Issue 3-2016 :.

    Practice of Education Modernization
    GERASIMOV, S.I., MOGILNITSKIY, S.B., CHUCHALIN, A.I., SHAMRITSKAYA, P.S., SHAPOSHNIKOV, S.O. Piloting a New Set of the AEER Accreditation Criteria. P. 5-16
    PRAKHOVA, M.U., SVETLAKOVA, S.V., ZAICHENKO, N.V., KHOROSHAVINA, E.A., KRASNOV, A.N. The Conception of Point-Rating System for Assessment of Students' Educational Results. P. 17-25
    NIKIFOROV, V.I., RADKEVICH, M.M., KARMANOV, V.V., KARMANOVA, S.V. Network Form of Master's Programmes: Problems of Competence-Based Approach Implementation. P. 26-32
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 3 2016 Higher Education Pedagogy
    SENASHENKO, V.S. Problems of Postgraduate Training Organization on the Basis of the Federal State Educational Standards of the Third Level of Higher Education. P. 33-43
    BEDNYI, B.I. On the Issue of the Goal of Postgraduate Training (Dissertation vs Qualification). P. 44-52
    SHADRIKOV, V.D., ROZOV, N.Kh. BOROVSKIKH, A.V. Methods of Improvement of Pedagogical Thesis. P. 53-60
    Academic Writing
    BAKIN, E.V., SMIRNOVA, N.V. My First Preprint Online: Developing an Online Module in Research Writing. P. 61-66
    NOSKOVA, L.G. About Pedagogical Technologies in Vocational Speech Training. P. 67-72
    Crossroad of Opinions
    KRASINSKAYA, L.F. Modernization, Optimization, Bureaucratization… What Awaits Higher School Tomorrow? P. 73-82
    KIM, I.N. Major Engineering Department in Conditions of Higher Education Reforming. P. 83-90
    MOLODYAKOV, S.A. Professor Work at University: Daily Problems and Solutions. P. 91-98
    Lobachevsky University: On the Way to Be a Research Leader (Interview with UNN Rector E.V. Chuprunov). P. 99-102
    STRONGIN, R.G., CHUPRUNOV, E.V. Development of Research and Education Networks and Implementation of Major Projects as Factors of University Structure Formation. P. 103-110
    SEM'YANOV, A.V., KAZANTSEV, V.B. In The Trend of the 21st Century: Biology and Biomedicine. P. 111-116
    GRUDZINSKIY, A.O., CHUPRUNOV, E.V. Organizational Change at University for Reaching the Strategic Development Goal. P. 117-123
    GURBATOV, S.N., MATROSOV, V.V. YAKIMOV, A.V. Contribution of UNN Radiophysicists to Defense, Science, and Innovation. P. 124-131
    GORSHKOV, O.N., MARKOV, K.A., CHUVIL'DEEV, V.N. Experience of Organizing Training of Professionals for High-Tech Industries. P. 132-137
    BEDNYI, A.B. Internationalization of University Activities in the Global Knowledge Society. P. 138-143
    Internationalization of Education
    GURULEVA, T.L. Pedagogical Technologies of Integration of Foreign Students into Educational Space of Higher Education Institution (On the Example of Students from the People's Republic of China). P. 144-153
    PAK, Yu.N., NUGUZHINOV, Zh.S., PAK, D.Yu. Topical Issues of Social Partnership between HEI and Employers in Education Modernization Context. P. 154-160
    Facts, Comments, Notes
    SHAKIROVA, Ju.A. How Scientometric Indices Influence On The Dynamics Of University Ranking Position. P. 161-165
    ZARUBINA, T.V., KARAS', S.I., NIKOLAIDI, E.N. Strategy for Teaching Medical Informatics in Russian Universities. P. 165-168

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