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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 2-2020 :.

    Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    D.À. ENDOVITSKY, V.V. KOROTKIKH, M.V. VORONOVA. Competitiveness of Russian Universities in the Global System of Higher Education: Quantitative Analysis. Pp. 9-26.
    M.V. SEROSHTAN, N.P. KETOVA. Modern Russian Universities: Positioning, Development Trends, Potential to Enhance Competitive Advantages. Pp. 27-40.
    A.L. DRONDIN. Independent Assessment of the Quality of Russian Higher Education: What is the Point and What Can Be Improved. Pp. 41-49.
    Sociology of Education
    I.A. SKALABAN, L.A. OSMUK, O.V. KOLESOVA, G.M. CHEREPANOV. Roads Old and New: Educational Strategies of Russian Students in University Choice. Pp. 50-62.
    M.A. LUKASHENKO, T.V. TELEGINA. Time Management: Strategy of Students' Preparation for Examinations without Emergency Rush. Pp. 63-73.
    V.F. PUGACH. Mass Higher Education in Russia: Features of Dynamics. Pp. 74-82.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2020 Academic Writing
    E.I. SHPIT, V.N. KUROVSKIY. Academic Writing in English in the Structure of Higher Education in Russia. Pp. 83-91.
    S.A. SHEYPAK. Academic Writing: Critics of the Traditional EAP Approach. Pp. 92-103.
    University Life
    Humanities at Technical University
    R.V. AGINEY, O.I. BELYAEVA. "Big Challenges" and Regional Technical University: Values and Actions. Pp. 105-114.
    N.D. TSKHADAYA, D.N. BESGODOV. Topical Issues of Value-Focused Engineering Education. Pp. 115-126.
    O.A. VOLKOVA, E.P. SHEBOLKINA. Possibilities of Formation, Diagnostics and Monitoring of Axiological Competences of Technical University Students. Pp. 127-140.
    Higher School Pedagogy
    D.Z. AKHMETOVA, T.S. ARTYUKHINA, M.R. BIKBAYEVA, I.A. SAKHNOVA, M.A. SUCHKOV, E.A. ZAYTSEVA. Digitalization and Inclusive Education: Common Ground. Pp. 141-150.
    B.M. TRIYONO, N. MOHIB, G.K. KASSYMOVA, G.N.I.P. PRATAMA, D. ADINDA, M.R. ARPENTIEVA. The Profile Improvement of Vocational School Teachers' Competencies. Pp. 151-158.
    V.A. NEMTINOV, I.M. MANAENKOV, YU.V. NEMTINOVA. Creation of a Virtual Technology Laboratory and Organization of Training for Highly Qualified Personnel. Pp. 159-168.

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