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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 2-2019 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.I. RUDSKOY, A.I. BOROVKOV, P.I. ROMANOV, O.V. KOLOSOVA. Ways to Reduce Risks When Building the Digital Economy in Russia. Educational Aspect. Pp. 9-22
    A.R. ALAVERDOV. Faculty Publication Activity and Resources of its Increase. Pp. 23-36
    M.D. BERSHADSKAYA, A.V. SEROVA, A.Yu. CHEPURENKO, E.A. ZIMA. Competence-based Approach to the Evaluation of Learning Outcomes: Russian Experience in Sociological Education. Pp. 38-50
    Higher School Pedagogy
    M.F. GALIKHANOV, G.F. KHASANOVA. Faculty Training for Online Teaching: Roles, Competences, Contents. Pp. 51-62
    T. SOBUKAWA, S. TAKAGI, H. UESU. Introduction to University Calculus for "Bunkei'' Students in Waseda. Pp. 63-68
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2019 Philosophy of Science and Education
    E.A. GUSEVA, M.I. PANFILOVA. To the Discussion on Academic Philosophy: What, How, and What for. Pp. 69-78
    A.R. SADYKOVA, E.K. NIKITINA, A.V. KORZHUEV, Yu.B. IKRENNIKOVA. Course "History & Philosophy of Science" for Doctoral Programs in Education and Pedagogical Sciences. Pp. 79-93
    Academic Writing
    I.B. KOROTKINA. Teaching Academic English Corpus Trough Word-formation. Pp. 94-103
    University and Region
    Regional Technical University: Implementation of Three Missions Pp. 104
    D.A. BELYAEV, O.A. VOLKOVA, E.P. SHEBOLKINA. Potential of Cognitive Management and Value-communicative Nature of University Education. Pp.105-116
    N.D. TSKHADAYA, D.N. BEZGODOV, O.I. BELYAEVA. Cognitive Trend in Implementing the Third Mission of University. Pp.117-133
    G.V. KORSHUNOV, I.O. VEDERNIKOVA, S.Yu. DUBIKOVSKY. University in a Small City Environment: Campus Vibes. Pp. 134-143
    Pages of History
    V.A. PONOMAREV. At the Origins of the University Education System in Russia. Pp. 144-158
    S.B. FILIMONOV. Start of Higher School in Crimea: Taurida University (1918-1920). Pp. 160-167

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