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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 2-2018 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.I. RUDSKOY, A.I. BOROVKOV, P.I. ROMANOV, O.V. KOLOSOVA. General Professional Competence of a Modern Russian Engineer. Pp. 5-18
    V.B. NIKISHINA, A.A. KUZNETSOVA, O.F. PRIRODOVA. Competency Model for Improvement Medical University Teacher's Qualification. Pp. 19-27
    "Synergy - 2017"
    V.V. KONDRATYEV. Engineering Pedagogy as a Base for Technical Teacher Training System. Pp. 29-38
    V.S. SHEINBAUM, O.V. BUDZINSKAYA. Integration of Education, Science and Business: Current Institutional Solutions. Pp. 39-46
    F.T. SHAGEEVA, Ì.F. GALIKHANOV, G.R. STREKALOVA. Entrepreneurial Competencies of Engineering Student as a Factor of Successful Professional Career. Pp. 47-55
    N.N. GAZIZOVA, G.À. NIKONOVA, N.V. NIKONOVA. New Mathematics Tutorial for Technology Students. Pp. 56-61
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2018 Pedagogy: Critical Discourse
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Optimistic Senses of Teaching at Higher School. Pp. 66-77
    A.A. POLONNIKOV. On the Issue of Communicative Conditions for Educational Changes. Pp. 78-87
    Higher School Pedagogy
    L.A. GEGEL, E.O. KAZAKOVA. Youth Specialist: Problems of Training and Demand. Pp. 88-94
    N.V. NIKULINA, N.V. SOLOVOVA. Formation of Conflict Management Competence of a University Teacher. Pp. 95-102
    Sociology of Education
    M.M. MAZNICHENKO, G.S. PAPAZYAN. Pedagogical Conditions of Students' Personal and Professional Growth of in the Context of Volunteer Activities. Pp. 103-113
    M.A. LUKASHENKO. Corporate Communications: To Teach Impossible to Regulate. Pp. 114-122
    Higher Education Abroad
    Ò.À. VOLOSHINA. Entrepreneurship Education and Training Programs in Denmark: Key Factors. Pp. 123-129
    D.V. RATUSHINA. Pyotr Bitsilli in the Philosophical "Conversation" of Russia Abroad. Pp. 130-137
    Pages of History
    V.I. LEVIN. Outstanding Russian Scientists Dimitry and Elena Wentzel. Pp. 138-154
    V.V. PETRIK. Research Work at Higher Medical Institutions in Siberia at the End of the 50s - the Beginning of the 90s of the XXth Century. Pp. 155-162

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