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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 2-2016 :.

    Practice of Education Modernization
    D.A. ENDOVITSKY, S.N. KOMENDENKO. Companies and Universities: Ranking of Cooperation Performance. P. 5-14
    Yu.B. RUBIN. Educational Programs in Entrepreneurship for Bachelor Degree Students and Requirements to Their Implementation. P. 15-27
    N.S. GOLIKOVA, V.V. TARASOV, I.I. KRASNYUK, E.F. SAVOSINA. Trends of the Development of Higher Pharmaceutical Education. P. 28-37
    Higher Education Pedagogy
    O.V. MOTOVILOV. Problems of Master's Degree Training in Economics. P. 38-45
    S.N. POSTNIKOV. Successive Model of Master Training in Engineering. P. 46-53
    À.S. ROBOTOVA. Lessons for University Teacher. P. 54-60
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2016 Crossroad of Opinions
    I.E. ZADOROZHNYUK, T.N. STUKALOVA. Russian Publications on Education in the Mirror of Scopus. P. 61-67
    Engineering Pedagogy
    V.I. LYAKH, E.A. RUDNITSKIY. Design of the Pre-University Training the Context of Education Quality in Based on CDIO Ideology. P. 68-74
    YU.V. VAINSHTEIN, V.A. SHERSHNEVA, K.V. SAFONOV. CDIO Ideology in Math Training. P. 75-82
    Discussing a Problem
    S.E. IL'IN, E.V. FILATOVA. Peculiarities of University Partnership Networks Presentations. P. 83-88
    R.M. GARANINA, A.A. GARANIN. Methods of Activities by Case Analysis in Medical School. P. 89-95
    K.A. REREKIN, A.P. SIMONENKOVA, JU.G. BUZUEVA. Implementation Mechanism of Career Guidance at the University. P. 96-100
    140 years of the University History (Interview with the Rector of BelSU O.N. Polukhin). P. 101-107
    I.S. KONSTANTINOV, A.P. PERESYPKIN, L.V. VERZUNOVA. Fulfilling Innovative Potential is a Priority for Belgorod State National Research University. P. 108-114
    A.V. MAMATOV, A.N. NEMTSEV, J.M. MEL'NIK, O.YU. ZHIDKIKH, M.A. BONDAREVA. Competence Approach and Practice-Based Learning. P. 115-120
    M.A. TRUBITSYN. The Current State and Trends of International Cooperation of NRU BelSU. P. 121-126
    S.A. OSTRIKOVA, T.V. NIKULINA. Socio-Cultural Environment at University. P. 127-131
    V.P. BABINTSEV. Belgorod School of Researchers of Social Technologies. P. 132-136
    V.A. SMIRNOVA. The Experience of Convergent Editorial Staff Formation at Belgorod State University. P. 136-141
    Education Online
    I.V. VESHNEVA, R.À. SINGATULIN. Transformation of the Education System: Reasons, Tendencies, Perspectives. P. 142-147 B.N. KIREEV. E-Learning in Pedagogical Staff Training. P. 148-154
    Reviews. Information
    G.L. BELKINA, S.N. KORSAKOV. Value Foundations of Scientific Knowledge (Conference Review). P. 155-158
    V.F. MARUKHIN, A.I. UTKIN. Who Needs the Historical Science and for What? P. 159-160

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