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    .: Issue 2-2014 :.

    Modernization practice
    Chuchalin A.I. Academic programme objectives and learning outcomes. P. 5-16
    Zernov V.A. Is it possible to have in Russia our own Stanford? P. 16-22
    Rotkov L.Yu., Abramov A.N., Simonov A.V., Rug A.V. Topical questions of officers' preparation at civilian higher education institutions. P. 23-29
    Crossroad of opinions
    Babintsev V.P. Bureaucratization of a regional university. P. 30-37
    Òkhagapsoev H.G. Regional university falls out of education development in Russia. P. 38-42
    Såvostyanov D.A., Gainanova A.R. Value of education: inversion of meanings. P. 43-48
    Lobanova N.I. Education and understanding (To The question of applicability of a technological approach in pedagogy). P. 48-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 2 2014 University life
    Dmitriev S.M., Shiryaev M.V., Mityakov S.N. Economic security of a technical university: conceptual bases. P. 59-66
    Ivashkin E.G., Bushueva M.E. The role of university in preparing young people for professional development. P. 66-72
    Dmitriev S.M., Ermakova T.I., Ivashkin E.G. Interaction between a technical university and the departments under enterprises. P. 73-81
    Discussing a problem
    Kuznetsova I.V., Khmelev S.S. Textual space of the professional competences. P. 82-89
    Ivanova N.K., Mileeva M.N. Scylla and Charybdis of education: speculations on the problems of the English language teaching in higher schools of Russia. P. 89-95
    Vereschagina A.V., Martynenko O.O. Bachelor degree in applied legal studies: some questions. P. 96-100
    Volkhin V.V., Gertsen T.A., Mayseles S.B., Lubimova N.Yu. Elective courses in English at technical university. P. 101-105
    Sociology of education
    Ledeneva V.Yu. Intellectual migration: Russian and world trends. P. 106-113
    Rochev K.V. Typological analysis of student motivation. P. 113-118
    Shipovalova L.V. Citation Index and objectivity of experts: possible philosophical deliberations on the hot topic. P. 119-125
    Granin YU. D. On the problem of reality in modern sociology: disappearance of "groups". P. 126-130
    Internationalization of education
    Peculiar features of higher education in Germany through the eyes of a Russian professor. Interview with Prof. Dr. E. Patrik (INTAMT), journalist Helena Solominsky. P. 131-141
    Facts, comments, notes
    Kochetkova T.O., Sirotinina N.Yu. One example of international cooperation as a catalyst of higher education modernization. P. 142-146
    Krylov E.G. Teaching engineering for foreign students. P. 146-150
    Lazarenko V.A., Savelyeva N.N., Parakhina O.V. Value orientations of professional education of a future medical worker. P. 150-152
    Nikolaev D.A. Nizhniy Novgorod experience of historical-military reconstruction. P. 153-154
    Summaries. P. 156-159
    Authors. P.160

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