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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 12 - 2021 :.

    Sociology of Higher Education
    I.S. KUZNETSOV. Determinants of Trust in Higher Education. Pp. 9-31
    E.M. KHARLANOVA, E.V. SHIROKOVA, O.V. BESSCHETNOVA, A.B. FEDULOVA. Community for Training Youth Workers: Conceptual Framework and Prerequisites for the Creation. Pp. 32-47
    Higher Education Pedagogy
    M.E. KUSHNIR, P.D. RABINOVICH, K.E. ZAVEDENSKIY, I.S. TSARKOV. Student’s Learning Profile is a Tool of Personal Learning Logistics. Pp. 48-58
    L.V. BONDAREVA, T.V. POTEMKINA, G.S. SAULEMBEKOVA. The Effect of Soft Skills on the Successful Employment of Future Engineers: Self-Evaluation Results. Pp. 59-74
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2021 Academic Writing
    I.B. KOROTKINA. The Story of Writing: From Classical Rhetoric to Rhetoric and Composition. Pp. 75-86
    O.L. DOBRYNINA. Academic Writing for Publication Purposes and Machine Translation: Is the Symbiosis Possible? Pp. 87-101
    E.S. CHUIKOVA. Specifying Learners’ Professional Needs in Academic Writing. Pp. 102-109
    Synergy – 2021
    V.V. KONDRATYEV, M.F. GALIKHANOV, F.T. SHAGEEVA, P.N. OSIPOV, L.V. OVSIENKO. Regional Development: New Challenges for Engineering Education (Review of the Conference). Pp. 111-132
    V.I. TOKTAROVA, A.E. SHPAK. Instructional Design of the Mobile Educational Environment. Pp. 133-142
    L.K. GEYKHMAN, V.S. KABANOV. Subjectivity Formation of a Technical University Master’s Student: A New Challenge for Engineering Education. Pp. 143-156
    T.A. STARSHINOVA. Adaptability and Self-Organization of the Postgraduate Training System. Pp. 157-166

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