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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 12-2020 :.

    Topical Theme
    V.G. MARTYNOV, V.N. KOSHELEV, A.V. DUSHIN. Modern Challenges for Oil and Gas Education. Pp. 9-20
    A.V. DOZHDIKOV. Online Learning as e-Learning: The Quality and Results (Critical Analysis). Pp. 21-32
    Sociology of Higher Education
    N.G. CHEVTAEVA, A.S. NIKITINA, A.V. VISHNEVSKAYA. University Communication Culture as a Matrix for Graduate's Soft Skills. Pp. 33-44
    M.V. BOGUSLAVSKY, N.S. LADYZHETS, E.V. NEBORSKY, O.V. SANNIKOVA. Regional University's Role and Place in Personnel Training System in Assessments of Employers. Pp. 45-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2020 Higher School Pedagogy
    LINH, T.T.D., ANH, T.L.V. Praise as Classroom Communicative Reinforcing Device: Perceptions of Vietnamese University Students. Pp. 57-71
    N.N. GUBANOV, N.I. GUBANOV. Is Lecture as a Dominant Form of Teaching Dying? Pp. 72-85
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    N.G. BAGDASARYAN, L.A. SONINA. Imaginary Units of Publication Activities in Consumer Society. Pp. 86-94
    Kh.G. TKHAGAPSOEV, .. YAKHUTLOV. Search for Reserves in the Grip of the "Imputed": Paradoxes of Our Education Strategy. Pp. 95-103
    University and Region
    Yu.M. KAZAKOV, N.Yu. BASHKIRTSEVA, M.V. ZHURAVLEVA, G.O. EZHKOVA, A.S. SIROTKIN, A.O. EBEL. Engineering Education Based on Integration with Science and Industry. Pp. 105-118
    M.F. GALIKHANOV, V.V. KONDRATYEV, D.V. ELIZAROV, L.T. MIFTAKHUTDINOVA. The System of Additional Professional Education of the University as a Platform for Implementation of the Federal Project "New Opportunities for Everyone". Pp. 119-133
    L.V. OVSIENKO, I.V. ZIMINA. Model of University's Career Guidance Activities within the Context of Lifelong Learning. Pp. 134-143
    Education Online
    N.V. DNEPROVSKAYA, I.V. SHEVTSOVA. Open Educational Resources in the Development of Digital Learning Environment. Pp. 144-155
    . A.G. KUKUSHKINA. Teacher's Personal Page in a Social Network as a Tool of Teacher-Student Interaction. Pp. 156-166

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