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    .: Issue 12-2019 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.V. BRODOVSKAYA, A.Yu. DOMBROVSKAYA, T.E. PETROVA, R.V. PYRMA, A.A. AZAROV. Digital Space of Leading Universities: The Comparative Analysis of Sites. Pp. 9-22
    I.V. ARZHANOVA, M.V. SHIRYAEV, S.N. MITYAKOV. On Approaches to Assessing Contribution of Russian Universities in the Implementation of National Projects. Pp. 23-35
    Sociology of Education
    V.A. GURTOV, I.S. STEPUS, S.S. SHABAEVA. Universities Graduates in the Far East Labour Market. Pp. 36-52
    K.Y. KAZANTSEV, S.I. CHERNYKH. Russian Higher Education and Science on the Intellectual Property Market. Pp. 53-65
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2019 Higher School Pedagogy
    L.N. BANNIKOVA. A Woman in the Man's Culture of Engineering Education. Pp. 66-76
    I.N. CHARIKOVA, S.M. KARGAPOLTSEV, E.V. LIKHNENKO. Activity Potential of the Category "Ignorance" in Epistemological Space of the Educational Paradigm. Pp. 77-86
    F.L. RATNER, N.V. TIKHONOVA. Quality of Education: Pedagogical Aspect. Pp. 87-96
    N.V. GRECHUSHKINA. Online Courses in the Context of Inclusive Education. Pp. 97-103
    Synergy - 2019
    Kazan National Research Technological University is the organizer of the Synergy - 2019 Conference. Pp. 104
    V.V. KONDRATYEV, M.F. GALIKHANOV, P.N. OSIPOV, F.T. SHAGEEVA, A.A. KAYBIYAYNEN. Engineering Education: Transformation for Industry 4.0 (SYNERGY - 2019 Conference Results Review). Pp. 105-122
    T. RUUTMANN. Engineering Pedagogy as the Basis for Effective Teaching Competencies of Engineering Faculty. Pp. 123-131
    T.Yu. POLYAKOVA. Modern Trends of Engineering Pedagogy Development. Pp. 132-140
    F.T. SHAGEEVA, M.L. SMIRNOVA. Development of Communicative-Rhetorical Competence of a Future Engineer at the Research University. Pp. 141-150
    M.I. INOZEMTSEV. Individual Granting of Academic Degrees Model: Case of MGIMO-University. Pp. 151-158
    Paper Index 2019 Pp. 159-166

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