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    .: Issue 12 - 2017 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.V. KARAVAEVA. Qualifications of Higher Education and Professional Qualifications: Harmonization with Efforts. Pp. 5-12.
    V.S. SENASHENKO, N.A. PYKHTINA. Continuity of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs as a Key Factor of the Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Pp. 13-25
    S.Yu. NAUMOV, L.V. KONSTANTINOVA. Involvement of Business Representatives in Educational Activities of Universities: Problems and Solutions. Pp. 26-34
    Sociology of Education
    O.I. KRUSHELNITSKAYA, M.V. POLEVAYA. Dependence of First-Year Students' Motivation on the Chosen Area of Training or Specialty). Pp. 35-45
    O.A. DOSHCHANNIKOVA, YU.N. PHILIPPOV, E.S. BOGOMOLOVA, A.L. HLAPOV. To the Question of Improving Mechanisms of Targeted Training of Medical Students. Pp. 46-53
    M.V. PEVNAYA, D.F. TELEPAEVA. Development of Sport Volunteering at Universities of the Ural Federal District. Pp. 54-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2017 Higher School Pedagogy
    O.V. TUMASHEVA. Methodical Training of Future Teachers: Immersion in Professional Reality. Pp. 63-70
    P.N. VISHNEVSKIY. Method of Case Modeling. Pp. 71-77
    E.V. KALACHINSKAYA. Educational Technology "Flipped Classroom" in Teaching the Discipline "The Russian Language and the Culture of Speech". Pp. 78-84
    A.V. KHUTORSKOY. Methodological Foundations for Applying the Competence Approach to Designing Education. Pp. 85-91
    Philosophy of Education and Science
    A.V. SHCHEPILOVA, V.A. GONCHAROVA, S.V. MIKHAILOVA, A.V. BAZHANOV, V.V. ALPATOV. The University of Today: From the Model to the Russian Reality. Pp. 92-101
    S.M. MOROZ. Rationalization of the Publishing Environment of Technical Sciences. Pp. 102-111
    L.V. KANAYEVA. Causes and Correction of Publication Malpractice in Student Science. Pp. 112-119
    Internationalization of Education
    V.I. BAIDENKO, N.A. SELEZNEVA. Optics of Looking to the Future (Paper 3). Pp. 120-132
    L.S. GREBNEV. "Teaching and Learning": Features of National Terminology. Pp. 133-135
    V.G. IVANOV, A.A. KAYBIYAYNEN, L.T. MIFTAKHUTDINOVA. Engineering Education in Digital World. Pp. 136-143
    Pages of History
    A.S. TSYGANKOVA. The Formation and Development of Students' Scientific Research in the Far Eastern State Transport University (1937-1991). Pp. 144-153
    Paper Index 2017 Pp. 154-163

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