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    .: Issue 12-2016 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    SIDNYAEV, N.I. On the Role of Engineering Education in the Development of the Arctic. Pp. 5-13
    GOLOV, R.S., TEPLYSHEV, V.YU., MYL'NIK, A.V. Practice Training of Energy Managers - A New Class of Engineering and Economics Professionals. Pp. 14-21.
    Sociology of Education
    SAGANENKO, G.I., GEGER, A.E. Comparison of Value Orientations of Students in the 10-Year Time Interval: Methodology and Results. Pp. 22-33.
    ZBOROVSKIY, G.E., SHUKLINA, E.A., AMBAROVA, P.A. Nonlinearity of Higher Education Development: The Contours of the Concept and Possible Macroregional Practices. Pp. 34-44.
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2016 Engineering Pedagogy
    ISAEV, A.P., PLOTNIKOV, L.V. Educational Engineering" in the Context of the Implementation of the CDIO Ideology. Pp. 45-52.
    ZHOKHOVA, M.P., KRAYUSHKIN, V.V., KRAYUSHKIN, K.V. Educational Portal for Basic Discipline Teacher: Usage Experience, Implications, and Recommendations. Pp. 53-58.
    Academic Writing
    CHUIKOVA, E.S. Academic Writing: Relevant Content for Russia. Pp. 59-67.
    MERKULOVA, E.N. On the Significance of the "Academic Writing" Component in the Text of the Official Reviews on PHD Theses. Pp. 68-75.
    VALEEVA, E.E. Developing Academic Writing Skills in Foreign Language Courses. Pp. 76-81.
    Education Online
    VOYTOVICH, I.K. University E-Learning Environment Model. Pp. 82-87.
    KUPTSOVA, A.K. Web-Resource for Self-Regulated Language Acquisition: Content and Learning Possibilities. Pp. 88-93.
    ZAITSEV, V.G., ZHELTOVA, A.A., TIBIR'KOVA, E.V. Development of Educational Resources by Use of Web-Based Application Trello. Pp. 94-98.
    University Life
    Ukhta State Technical University: A Posse ad Esse (Interview with the Rector N.D. Tskhadaya). Pp. 99-107.
    TSKHADAYA, N.D., ZYKOV, V.A., BELYAEVA, O.I. Technology Park in the Model of Regional Innovative Economy. Pp. 108-116.
    SOTNIKOVA, O.A., VOLKOVA, O.A. Practical Aspects of Resource Integration of University and Regional Enterprises. Pp. 117-123
    ROCHEV, K.V. Annual Faculty Work Assessment by Using the Index System. Pp. 124-131
    ZAKHAROV, D.YU., KRAVTSOVA, L.A., SHCHERBATYUK, YA.V. The Youth Self-Government in the Development of Science as a Basis for Personnel Potential Formation. Pp. 132-139
    Internationalization of Education
    MELIKYAN, A.V. Typology and Analysis of International Educational Activity of Russian Universities. Pp. 140-150.
    BREIDO, I.V., EGOROV, V.V., KOCHKIN, A.M. Subject-Oriented Master's Degree Program for Kazakhstan Industry. Pp. 150-157.
    Papers Index 2016 Pp. 158-167.

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