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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 12-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    Okrepilov, V.V. Creation of the Multilevel Education System in the Field of Quality as a Factor of Sustainable Development. Pp. 5-12
    Zul'karnay, I.U., Islakaeva, G.R. Russian Universities in Global Ratings. Pp. 13-21
    Shestak, V.P., Shestak, N.V. Postgraduate Studies at the Third Level of Higher Education: Discursive Field. Pp. 22-34
    Discussing a problem
    Martynenko, O.O., Yakimova, Z.V., Nikolaeva, V.I. Methodological Approaches to Assessing Graduates' Competencies. Pp. 35-45
    Kruglov, V.I., Gorlenko, O.A., Mozhayeva, T.P. The Establishment and Development of Quality Systems of Educational Institutions. Pp. 46-51
    Pyshkin, A.N. Concept of Management Education Accreditation. Pp. 52-58
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2015 Internationalization of education
    Ivanov, V.G., Kaybiyaynen, A.A., Gorodetskaya, I.M. Engineering Education for a Resilient Society. Pp. 60-69
    Sterenharz, A., Ivanova, N.V. Basic Aspects of Development, Introduction, and Implementation of the Experimental Model of the Third Level of Higher Education. Pp. 70-77
    Sociology of education
    Pugach, V.F. Gender Structure of Higher Education Teaching Staff in Russia. Pp. 78-88
    Tulegenova, A.G., Kabanova, M.V. About Gender Stereotypes of University Teachers: The Mass Media Effect. Pp. 89-95
    Arzhanyh, E.V., Gurkina, O.A. Employment of Higher Education Institution and Vocational College Graduates with Disabilities in Moscow: Comparative Analysis. Pp. 96-103
    University life
    University as a Source of a Regional Educational Environment Development
    Tskhadaya, N.D. The Role of USTU in the Organization and Development of Networking Cooperation in Educational Space of Komi Republic. Pp. 105-111
    Sotnikova, O.A., Volkova, O.A. Educational Environment as a Fundamental Condition for the Development of University Teachers' Methodical Competence. Pp. 112-117
    Bezgodov, D.N. Profile Adaptive Module of University Organizational Culture. Pp. 118-124
    Pulkina ,V.A., Shulepova, N.E. Secondary Professional Education in University Complex: Environmental Aspect. Pp. 125-129
    Bashkirov, S.P., Vasil'yev, Ya.Yu. Student Construction Team Movement in the Context of the Educational Environment and Labor Education. Pp. 130-136
    Kustyshev, A.N., Belyaeva, O.I. Historical and Patriotic Project "Life-Long Memory of War". Pp. 137-144
    Education Online
    Titova, S.V. MOOCs in Russian Universities. Pp. 145-151
    Travkin, I.Yu. Massive, Open, Online: learning Parallel or Together? Pp. 152-156
    Papers index 2015. Pp. 157-166

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