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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 12-2014 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    STRONGIN R.G., CHUPRUNOV E.V. Innovative education: the role of forestall strategy and integration. Pp. 5-14
    KUDRYASHOVA E.V., MORSCHIKHINA L.A. Networked electronic library of the federal universities: the new format of the research and education space. Pp. 14-19
    SOLOMIN V.P., GROMOVA L.A. Management of the university structural units during restructuring. Pp. 19-25
    Higher school pedagogy
    ROZOV N. KH. Timeless appeal of the teaching profession. Pp. 26-35
    MOSKVINA N.B. Higher school teacher's professional activity: problem of the destruction of meaning. Pp. 36-42
    SYSOEVA E.YU. Personality-oriented technologies for university teachers' qualification raising system. Pp. 42-47
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 12 2014 Sociology of education
    AMBAROVA P.A., ZBOROVSKY G.E. The time in the student's life through the eyes of a sociologist. Pp. 48-55
    MAKAROVA M.N., VAKHRUSHEV R.V. Anticorruption policy in higher education and new academic ethics. Pp. 55-63
    Engineering pedagogy
    SOSNIN N.V. How to transfer competencies into the learning content. Pp. 67-74
    CHUCHALIN A.I., TAYURSKAYA M.S. Implementation of federal educational standards and international standards for designing, performing and quality evaluation of engineering educational programmes. Pp. 74-83
    University life
    Heading toward formation of innovative education space.
    BERULAVA G.A., DRUZHININA A.V., BELYAEVA E.V., MALYSH V.G., PILSCHIKOVA T.S., ISTALIEVA S.K., KADYROVA L.R. The university electronic space as the basis for implementing new educational technologies. Pp. 83-89
    YAKOVLEVA-CHERNYSHEVA A.Y., BELYAEVA E.V., YAKUNINA I.Y. Innovation structure for research activities at the university. Pp. 90-97
    DOVGAL L.S., NEPSHA O.V. The International Innovative University as a center for theoretical and technological innovations. Pp. 98-102
    BERULAVA G.A., SAGILYAN E.M. Development of students' communicative potential. Pp. 103-108
    LYASCHENKO N.A., VOITENKO L.M., MNATSAKANYAN E.G. The results of the all-Russian competition for the best scientific book. Pp. 109-112
    GULYANOVA L.P., NEPSHA O.V. Innovative technologies of patriotic education. Pp. 113-118
    Internationalization of education
    MEDNIKOVA T.B., SENASHENKO V.S. Engineering education in the USA (part 2). Pp. 119-127
    KHIZHNYAK V.D. Recruitment of international members of faculty. Pp. 127-134
    GURULEVA T.L. Russia in the educational integration of the Asia-Pacific region. Pp. 134-140
    Facts, comments, notes
    POPOVA I.G., SHISHOVA A.V., TSYGANOV V.L. Teaching mathematics at university. Creating workbooks. Pp. 141-144
    SUYSKAYA V., KHARLAMOVA M. Rules of organization social-role interaction of students to improve their intercultural communicative competence. Pp. 144-148
    Papers index 2014. Pp. 149-159

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