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    .: Issue 1-2020 :.

    Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    A.V. BOLOTOV, G.N. MOTOVA, V.G. NAVODNOV, O.E. RYZHAKOVA. How to Design a National Aggregated Ranking? Pp. 9-24
    A.Yu. BELOGUROV, E.V. VOEVODA, M.I. INOZEMTSEV, E.A. ROMANOVA, N.I. KHOKHLOVA. Development of Education Districts in the Strategy of Strengthening the Axiological Foundations of the Russian Education Space. Pp. 23-36
    Sociology of Education
    A.R. ALAVERDOV, T.P. ALAVERDOVA. Selection of Candidates for Positions in Higher Education Institution from the Standpoint of Their Potential Loyalty to Employer. Pp. 37-50
    Yu.S. EZROKH. On the Role of the Institute of Headmen of Academic Groups in Russian Universities. Pp. 51-65
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2020 Engineering Pedagogy
    A.V. MUZHIKOVA, M.N. GABOVA. Development of Competent Mathematical Speech of Students at Technical University. Pp. 66-75
    S.À. TATIANENKO, Å.S. CHIZHIKOVA. Mathematical Training of Engineers in the Context of Transition to FSES 3++. Pp. 76-87
    Academic Writing
    L.V. DUDNIK, T.S. PUTILOVSKAYA. Educational Paradigm of Academic Writing. Pp. 88-97
    T.B. ALENKINA. "English Medium Instruction" in the Russian University. Pp. 98-103
    Medical Pedagogy
    V.A. LAZARENKO, P.V. KALUTSKIY, N.B. DREMOVA, A.I. OVOD. Adaptation of Higher Medical Education to the Conditions of Digitalization of Healthcare. Pp. 105-115
    T.A. SHULGINA, N.A. KETOVA. " Have You Volunteered?": Or Why Students Become Volunteers. Pp. 116-124
    P.V. TKACHENKO, S.V. CHERNEY, E.A. KOVALEVA. Immersion in the Profession: Experience of Career Guidance Work at Medical University. Pp. 125-134
    Higher School Pedagogy
    V.S. KHAMIDULIN. Development of a Model of Project-Based Learning. Pp. 135-149
    S.I. KUSHNIR, O.Yu. YALCHENKO. About the Problems of Teaching History to Non-History Students. Pp. 150-155
    Internationalization of Education
    O.A. BEREGOVAYA, S.S. LOPATINA, N.V. OTURGASHEVA. Tutor Support as a Tool of Social-Cultural Adaptation of International Students in Russian Universities. Pp. 156-165

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