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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 1-2019 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    I.V. BREIDO, S.M. STAZHKOV, A.V. BOBRYAKOV, V.G. KHOMCHENKO, A.A. KABANOV, B. KATALINIC. International University Network Internet Project of Integrated Engineering Education. Pp. 9-20
    Yu. B. RUBIN, M.V. LEDNEV, D.P. MOZHZHUKHIN. Competition Studies: Structuring Competencies in University Entrepreneurship Programs. Pp. 21-33
    Sociology of Education
    G.M. ROMANOVA, V.P. ERDAKOVA, M.A. MAZNICHENKO. Realization of Students' Academic Rights: Russia in the Bologna Process. Pp. 34-45
    M.A. LUKASHENKO, A.A. OZHGIKHINA. University Professor Image: Students' Views and Priorities. Pp. 46-56
    V.V. RETIVINA. Labor Values and Attitudes of Modern Students. Pp. 57-63
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2019 "Synergy - 2018"
    S.V. YUSHKO, M.F. GALIKHANOV, V.V. KONDRATYEV. Integrative Training of Future Engineers for Innovative Activities in Conditions of Post-Industrial Economy. Pp. 65-75
    R. DREHER, A.O. GORNOV, V.V. KONDRATYEV. Concept of the Natural Structure of Engineering Training and the Code of Professional Ethics of an Engineer. Pp. 76-85
    M.T. RESTIVO, J.N. ZIYATDINOVA. Engineering Education and Labor Efficiency Skills: Experience of Portugal. Pp. 86-83
    S.V. BARABANOVA, A.A. KAYBIYAYNEN, N.V. KRAYSMAN. Digitalization of Education in the Global Context. Pp. 94-103
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    D.G. RYNDIN. Merab Mamardashvili: Event of Thought and Pedagogic Practice. Pp. 104-118
    A.A. POLONNIKOV. Educational Policies of Writing and Reading (A commentary on D.G. Ryndin's article). Pp. 119-129
    Round Table Discussion
    A New Model of Russian Doctoral Education: Problems and Prospects (round table). Pp. 130-146
    Higher School Pedagogy
    K.M. INOZEMTSEVA, N.O. TROUFANOVA, A.K. KRUPCHENKO. Professional Development Model for ESP Teachers Working at Engineering Universities. Pp. 147-158
    Paper Index 2018. Pp. 158-167

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