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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 1-2018 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    L.S. GREBNEV. The Current Round of the Bologna Process: Russia and Not Only ... (According to the Works of V.I. Baidenko and N.A. Selezneva). Pp. 5-18
    S.A. IVANOV, E.N. SOKOL-NOMOKONOV. The Phenomenon of Flagship Universities of Regional Economy in Modern Russia. Pp. 19-30
    V.A. PROKHOROV. Professional Standard and Federal State Educational Standard for Undergraduate Programs. Pp. 31-36
    Engineering Pedagogy
    A.N. SOLOVYEV, V.M. PRIKHODKO, T. Yu. POLYAKOVA, Z.S. SAZONOVA. Russian Engineering Teachers as an Important Part of IGIP. Pp. 38-45
    M.G. MININ, O.I. SHAYKINA. "Flipped Classroom" Method with BYOD-Technology Application as a Tool to Develop Communication Skills in Teaching Foreign Languages. Pp. 46-53
    M.V. ZHURAVLEVA, L.V. OVSIENKO, N.Yu. BASHKIRTSEVA, L.R. IBRASHEVA, O.P. EMELYANOVA. Pre-university Engineering Training in International Multi-Partner Educational Environment. Pp. 54-60
    I.V. EDNERAL, R.Z. SAFIEVA. Practice-Oriented Course on Engineering Pedagogy: Development of Social Competence. Pp. 61-69
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2018 Pedagogy: Critical Discourse
    A.V. KORZHUEV, N.N. ANTONOVA. Pedagogical Knowledge and Its Representation in Scientific Text in Conditions of a "Semiological Turn" (Dialogue with A.A. Polonnikov). Pp. 70-78
    A.A. POLONNIKOV. What Does It Mean to Think Pedagogically Today? Pp. 79-89
    O. A. DONSKIKH. National Pedagogy on a Cosmic Curve. Pp. 90-95
    Sociology of Education
    O.B. TOMILIN, I.M. FADEEVA, O.O.TOMILIN, A.K. KLUYEV. Organizational Culture of Russian Universities: Expectations and Realities. Pp. 96-107
    E.I. TRUBNIKOVA. "Red Tape" in the Sphere of Science and Education. Pp. 108-121
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    D. KLUS-STANSKA. On the Form of Knowledge: Reification and Symbolic Violence. Pp. 122-132
    G.L. ILYIN. "Transhumanization" of Modern Education. Pp. 133-142
    V.I. LEVIN. Plagiarism, Its Essence and Measures to Prevent and Handle It. Pp. 143-150
    Pages of History
    A.I. RUDSKOY, A.I. BOROVKOV, P.I. ROMANOV. Russian Experience in Engineering Education Development. Pp. 151-162

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