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    .: Issue 1-2017 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    POPOVA, N.G., BIRICHEVA, E.V. Training Young Researchers at the Postgraduate Level: In Search of a Goal. Pp. 5-14
    KOROTKINA, I.B. On "Road Maps", the "Ranking Rush" and Academic Writing. Pp. 15-24
    SPIRIDONOVA, E.A. About Some AmbiguousTendencies in Russian Higher School. Pp. 25-34
    Sociology of Education
    SHMATKO, N.A., VOLKOVA, G.L. Mobility and Career Opportunities of Researchers on the Labour Market. Pp. 35-46
    PUGACH, V.F. Teachers' Age in Russian Higher Education Institutions: What is the Problem? Pp. 47-55
    REZNIK, S.D., YUDINA, T.A. The Reputational Liability of a Higher Education Institution: Problems, Experience, Prospects. Pp. 56-61
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2017 Higher School Pedagogy
    RIZEN, Yu.S., ZAKHAROVA, A.A., MININ, M.G. Principles of Educational Programs Formation in IT Sphere. Pp. 62-68
    SHAKHOVA, E.Yu., NESTER, E.V., SITOV, I.S.The Centralized Structure of Fund of Assessment Tools of Educational Program. Pp. 69-77
    ZARIPOVA, R.R., SALEKHOVA, L.L., DANILOV, A.V. Interactive Web 2.0. Tools in Content and Language Integrated Learning. Pp. 78-84
    Discussing a Problem
    TOKTAROVA, V.I., FEDOROVA, S.N. Students' Background in Mathematics: The Causes of Negative Trends. Pp. 85-92
    STARODUBTSEV, V.A., ISAEVA, E.V. Personalization of Professional Development of University Pedagogical Staff. Pp. 93-98
    GAZIEVA, I.A. Competitive Activities as a Mechanism for Human Resources Identification and Development. Pp. 99-104
    DMITRENKO, T.A. Organization of Language Higher Education with the Use of ICT. Pp. 105-109
    MESKHI, B.Ch., PUSTOVAYA, L.E., BAYAN, E.M., PUSTOVAYA, A.D., ZHARKOVA, M.G. Remote Technology for the Development of Practical Skills. Pp. 110-114
    The Path from Industrial Institute to National Research University (Interview with the Rector of Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev- KAI A.Kh. Gilmutdinov). Pp. 115-123
    MALIVANOV, N.N., DANILAEV, D.P. The Educational Process Organization in KNRTU-KAI: Traditions and New Approaches. Pp. 124-133
    MIKHAILOV, S.A. Combination of Basic Scientific Research with Engineering Developments. Pp. 134-139
    GILMETDINOVA, A.V., VESELOVA, E.V. German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies: A Platform for Education, Research and Innovation. Pp. 140-146
    KHALITOVA, I.S. Educational Trajectory of KNRTU-KAI. Pp. 147-155
    Internationalization of Education
    ZOLOTAREVA, E.V. Reforming of Higher Education in the UK: Value and Normative Dimensions. Pp. 156-168

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