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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 1-2016 :.

    Practice of Education Modernization
    RUBIN Yu.B. Creation of Graduates' Entrepreneurial Competencies within the Educational Area of Baccalaureate. Pp. 7-21
    KLYUEV A.K., YASHIN A.A. Entrepreneurship Educational Programs in the Modern University. Pp. 22-33
    Engineering Pedagogy
    MININ M.G., MIKHAYLOVA N.S., DENCHUK D.S. Selection of Undergraduate Students for Elite Engineering Education. Pp. 34-42
    IBRAGIMOV G.I., IBRAGIMOVA E.M. Competence Assessment: Challenges and Solutions. Pp. 43-52
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2016 Sociology of Education
    MELIKYAN A.V. Higher Education System in Moscow and Moscow Region. Pp. 53-62
    PROKHOROV S.G., SVIRINA A.A., CHEKHONADSKIKH A.I. Efficiency Monitoring: An Instrument for Reduction or an Engine for Growth? Pp. 63-68
    GORIN S.G. How Monitoring Results Influence the Growth of Bureaucratization and the Dynamics of Teacher's and Student's Subjectness. Pp. 69-74
    Academic Writing
    KOROTKINA I.B. University Writing Centers in Russia: Goals and Prospects. Pp. 75-86
    BOGOLEPOVA S.V. Teaching Academic Writing: Process and Product. Pp. 87-94
    Crossroad of Opinions
    TRUBNIKOVA E.I. Behavior Patterns in the System of Higher Education. Pp. 95-104
    RAYCHUK D.Yu. Teaching Load in the Light of International Experience. Pp. 105-112
    University Life
    Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University celebrates 85th anniversary
    LEIFA A.V., SERGIENKO YU.P. Professional Teacher Training Based on Social Partnership. Pp. 114-120
    KARGINA T.D. Pedagogical University in the Far East Region. Pp. 121-125
    KALNINSH, L.M. Methodological Fundamentals of the Project "Methodical Support for the Professional Development of a Bachelor of Pedagogical Education". Pp. 126-130
    DENISOVA R.R. Pre-school Teacher Professional Development: Value Aspects. Pp. 130-135
    VASILENKO A.V. Professional Preparation of Teachers to Develop Pupils' Spatial Thinking. Pp. 136-140
    YURECHKO O.V., LEIFA A.V. How Physical Activities Influence on School Teachers' Working Capacity: The Results of the Experiment. Pp. 141-146
    KARNAUKH N.V. The Graduates of Dorpat Professorial Institute - Professors of a New Formation. Pp. 147-154
    Facts, Comments, Notes
    AVDEEVA E.A., DROZDOVA I.A. Pedagogical Technologies in Educational Process of Higher School. Pp. 155-157
    CHERNYAD'YEV S.A., UFIMTSEVA Ì.A., BOCHKAREV Y.M., GETMANOVA A.V. On Information Competence of a Medical Student. Pp. 157-159

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