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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 1-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    BELOTSERKOVSKY A.V. Universities as generator for regional development. Pp. 5-10
    YELINA E.G., KOVTUN E.N., RODIONOVA S.E. Competences and outcomes of learning: the logic of their representation in educational programmes.Pp. 10-20
    KIM I.N. The future of a regional higher education institution within the context of strategic development of national education. Pp. 20-29
    Higher school pedagogy
    ANDREEV A.L. Humanities and intellectual environments.Pp. 30-36
    KRASINSKAYA L.F. Teacher of higher school: what will he be? (reflections on social expectations and professional realities).Pp. 37-46
    STARODUBTSEV V.A. SOLOV'EV M.A. VALITOVA E.Yu. Pedagogical support of students' professional self-determination in higher education. Pp. 47-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2015 Our guests
    M.B. Sapunov interviews the research workers of the Education Development Centre of Belarusian State University.Pp. 56-60
    POLONNIKOV A.A. Knowledge policies in the modern university.Pp. 61-70
    KOROL' D.Yu. Education and Challenges of Contemporaneity (Remarks on the research project).Pp. 70-76
    GUSAKOVSKY M.A. About the education at the modern university: the change of the rules of the acting.Pp. 76-86
    KORBUT A.M. Academic resistance in the university: an attempt in conceptualization.Pp. 86-94
    LAZARENKO V.A. Kursk State Medical University: past and present.Pp. 97-103
    KONOPLYA A.I., VASILENKO T.D. Evaluation of competences: methodology and technologies (experience of Kursk State Medical University).Pp. 103-108
    KALUTSKY P.V. Research activities at Kursk State Medical University.Pp. 109-114
    OKHOTNIKOV O.I.,KOMISSINSKAYA I.G. Continuing medical and pharmaceutical education.Pp. 114-119
    OLEYNIKOVA T.A., OVOD A.I., SOLYANINA V.A. The quality management system as a modern approach to management of education.Pp. 119-126
    KONOPLYA A.I., DREMOVA N.B. Formation of pedagogical skills of higher school teacher.Pp. 127-132
    SHUL'GINA T.A. Socio-cultural environment of the university as a condition of student development and a subject of management.Pp. 132-136
    BOLDYREVA L.V. A seventy-five year way from a college to a university.Pp. 137-139
    Sociology of education
    OSIPOV P.N., ZIYATDINOVA Yu.N. Globalization as a factor for self-directed development of students.Pp. 140-145
    REZNIK S.D. Who will teach student to live?Pp. 146-151
    PETROVA L.E. Doctors'online education: limitations of cultural capital conversion.Pp. 152-158
    Facts, comments, notes
    BUBNOV G.G., NIKUL'CHEV E.V., PLUZHNIK E.V. Experience in implementation of innovative information technologies in educational institutions.Pp. 159-161
    ZADOROZHNYUK I.E. "Rating": is this word mobilizing or misleading? Pp. 162-166

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