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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    Modernization practice
    Belotserkovsky A.V. On ratings and ranks. P. 3-10
    Rubvalter D.A., Bogachyov Ju.S., Shestak V.P. Higher education institutions in the space of indicators of the international ratings. P. 11-19
    Donetskaya S.S. The analysis of the competitiveness of Russian universities in world rankings. P. 20-31
    Sociology of education
    Popova E.S. Motivation and future choice in educational strategies of youth. P. 32-37
    Maloshonok N. Student engagement in learning in Russian universities. P. 37-44
    Popova I.P. Unclaimed "demanded profession" in the careers of law graduates. P. 45-56
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 1 2014 University life
    Southern Federal University
    Borovskaya M.A. Southern Federal University as a driver of innovation and education environment. P. 57-63
    Kalyaev I.A., Petrov V.V. Engineering education in the Southern Federal University: results and prospects. P. 63-67
    Ermakov P.N., Abakumova I.V. About the role of liberal education in university's innovation activity. P. 68-74
    Bondarevskaya E.V. Pedagogical education as a foundation for constructing the future. P. 74-80
    Mazuritskiy M.I., Soldatov A.V. Interactive network resources for natural science education and research. P. 80-87
    Boyarinov A.M., Kolesnik V.A., Pisñhulina V.V. Scientific and creative portrait of the Academy of Architecture and Arts. P. 87-92
    Education online
    Strekalova N.B. Specificity of the learning process in the open virtual learning environments (VLE). P. 93-97
    Starodubtsev V.A., Kiseleva A.A. Network technology of advanced training course. P. 98-103
    Ovchinnikova K. Designing of electronic learning tools in the context of modernization of continuous vocational education. P. 103-108
    Chudina O.V., Ostroukh A.V. The development of electronic educational resources for a discipline. P. 108-111
    Discussing a problem
    Kogogin S. A., Yagudina L.R. Training at education cluster: quality assessment model. P. 112-117
    Prakhova M.U., Svetlakova S.V. Master training in engineering: Russian model. P. 118-124
    Korjuev A.V., Sadykova A.R., Babaskin V.S. Analysis of pedagogical text as a strategy of scientific research. P. 124-129
    Shageeva F.T., Ivanov V.G. Educational technologies in training of chemical process engineers. P. 129-133
    Education abroad
    Kim I.N. The practice of university's academic teaching staff formation and professional competences development of the lecturers abroad. P. 134-143
    Pages of history
    Kattsina T.A., Marinenko L.E., Lisina S.A. Formation of professional commercial education in Siberia (1900-1919). P. 144-151
    Sazhin D.P. The system of teachers' stuff training in 1950-60's. P. 152-155
    Facts, comments, notes
    Malkova N.V., Kuzmina G.V. Live broadcast: developing perceptual skills. P. 156-158
    Ovchinnikov Yu.D. Logical and competency approach in learning sports disciplines. P. 159-160

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