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    .: Issue 11-2018 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    G.N. MOTOVA. Doubled Standards of the Quality Assurance: Russia in the Bologna Process. Pp. 9-21
    E.V. KARAVAEVA, V.V. MALANDIN, I.A. MOSICHEVA, I.G. TELESHOVA. Postgraduate Course as a Level of Higher Education: Status, Problems, Possible Solutions. Pp. 22-34
    Sociology of Education
    V.F. ZUBAREV, G.A. BONDAREV. Educational "Looking Glass", or "They" and "We". Pp. 35-43
    I.V. TROTSUK, D.V. SUKHOVEROVA. Corporate Culture as a Tool for Improving University's Competitiveness. Pp. 44-54
    A.V. ANDREEVA, K.A. MITROFANOVA, V.A. TELESHEV, F.A. BLYAKHMAN. English Language in Medical Informatics Teaching: Opinion of Students. Pp. 55-61
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2018 Academic Writing
    L.V. ZAVARYKINA. Teaching English for Specific Purposes in Russian Universities: A Case of Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. Pp. 62-70
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Skeptic's Comment: What Questions 'Academic Writing' Does Not Answer. Pp. 71-84
    Higher School Pedagogy
    A.V. KUPAVTSEV. Thematic Clusters in Education. Pp. 85-89
    K.L. POLUPAN. Interactive Intellectual Environment is a Digital Technology of Continuous Education. Pp. 90-95
    University and Region
    G.M. ROMANOVA, S.V. PETROVA, M.A. MAZNICHENKO, S.V. BREVNOVA, N.M. GRIGORASHCHENKO-ALIYEVÀ. Youth Center for Spiritual, Ethical and Social Development: Contribution to the Improvement of the Urban and Regional Environment. Pp. 97-107
    A.A. RYABTSEV, T.A. YUDINA, S.V. CHEREMSHANOV, G.S. PAPAZYAN. Sochi State University as a Driver of Event Volunteering in the Region. Pp. 108-116
    I.I. UKRAINTSEVA, G.M. KONOVALOVA, A.V. TAMBOVTSEV, O.V. BERGEN, D.A. PUSHKAREVA. Programs and Activities for Gifted Youth at Pillar University. Pp. 117-128
    G.M. KONOVALOVA, G.D. BRYUKHANOVA, E.K. VOROBEY, E.V. VIDISHCHEVA, A.N. VOLKOV, A.S. KOPYRIN. Development of Science and Practical Activities at Pillar University. Pp. 129-135
    Internationalization of Education
    V.I. BAIDENKO. Bologna Process: At the Threshold of the Third Decade. Pp. 136-148
    Paris Communique, May 25th 2018. Pp. 149-153
    Statement of the Fifth Bologna Police Forum. Pp. 154-155
    Pages of History
    A.L. AREFIEV. Quarter Century of Sociocentre Scientific Activity. Pp. 158-163
    Reviews. Information
    O.A. DONSKIKH. University is Making Networks. Pp. 164-167

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