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    .: Issue 11 - 2017 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    A.A. SHEKHONIN, V.A. TARLYKOV, A.O. VOZNESENSKAYA, A.V. BAKHOLDIN. Harmonization of Qualifications in Higher Education and in the Job Market. Pp. 5-11
    S.M. KOSENOK. Implementation of the Policy of Regionalization of Education in the Activities of the University. Pp. 12-19
    B.A. SAZONOV. Classification of Professional Educational Programs in the Russian Federation: Problems and Possible Decisions. Pp. 20-30
    Project "Synergy - 2017"
    S.V. YUSHKO, V.G. IVANOV, V.V. KONDRATYEV. Conceptions of Engineering Education for the Petrochemical Complex of Russia as a Way to University of a New Type. Pp. 33-42
    I.R. AGAMIRZIAN, E.A. KROUK, V.B. PROKHOROVA. Some Modern Approaches to Engineering Education. Pp. 43-48
    Ph. A. SANGER. Development of Technologies and Innovations in a Modern University: International Multi-Disciplinary Student Teams Solving Real Problems for Industry. Pp. 49-53
    P.N. OSIPOV. Engineering Pedagogy: From Collaborative Learning to Universal Synergy. Pp. 54-60
    V.S. SHEINBAUM. Interdisciplinary Activity Training in Virtual Engineering Environment: An Actual State and Prospects. Pp. 61-68
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2017 Sociology of Education
    R.A. ZAYAKINA. Topology of Entrepreneurial University: Dynamic Descriptive Model. Pp. 69-78
    D.A. ENDOVITSKIY, Yu.A. BUBNOV, K.M. GAIDAR. An Effect of University Leader's Confidence on the Effectiveness of a University. Pp. 79-88
    L.V. TEMNOVA, O.A. LIZUNOVA. Factors of Formation of University Graduates' Career Trajectories. Pp. 89-97
    Higher School Pedagogy
    S.E. STAROSTINA, Y.S. TOKAREVA. Approaches to Designing the Master's Program "Physics and Mathematics Education". Pp. 98-108
    O.E. PETRUNINA. Specifics of Modern Greek Language Teaching to History Students. Pp. 109-115
    K.L. POLUPAN. Technology of Partnership: Its Advantages and Challenges in the Implementation at University. Pp. 116-121
    Internationalization of Education
    V.I. BAIDENKO, N.A. SELEZNEVA. Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Up-to-Date Experience (Paper 2). Pp. 122-136
    Round Table Discussion
    Engineering Pedagogy: Methodological Issues. Pp. 137-157
    Pages of History
    A.L. ANDREEV. Society and Education: The Experience of Imperial Russia. Pp. 158-164

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