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    .: Issue 11-2016 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    BOLOTOV, V.A., MOTOVA, G.N., NAVODNOV, V.G., RYZHAKOVA, O.E. New Conceptual Approach Towards Selecting the Best Educational Programmes. Pp. 5-16
    MOTOVILOV, O.V. The Formation of a System of Relationship Between Educational Institutions and Employers. Pp. 17-27
    ROMM, M.V., ZAYAKINA R.A. Network Communities with University Participation: Established Practices of Social Interaction. Pp. 28-37
    Crossroad of Opinions
    TRUBNIKOVA, E.I. Regulatory Capture of the Higher Education Area: the Analysis of Some Aspects. Pp. 38-46
    KORCHAGIN, E.A., SAFIN, R.S. Competence Approach and the Traditional View on Higher Education. Pp. 47-54
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2016 Topical Theme
    ZADOROZHNYUK, I.E., KIREEV, S.V. University Ranking: Sociological Support. Pp. 55-65
    YAGUDINA, L.R., YAGUDIN, I.I. The Efficiency of University Rankings: Implementation of Informational and Motivational Functions. Pp. 66-71
    GALYNSKY, V.M. Webometrics Ranking: Analysis of Changes. Pp. 72-78
    Sociology of Education
    ABRAMOV, R.A., ZABAZNOVA, N.M., KHALATENKOVA, E.Yu. Assessment of Demand for Graduates of the Programme "Public Administration". Pp. 79-87
    BANNIKOVĄ, L.N., BORONINA, L.N., VISHNEVSKIY, Yu.R. Implementation of the New Models of Preparation of Research Engineers: A Sociological Analysis Pp. 88-96
    BEREZOVSKAYA, E.A. Young Lecturers in the System of Higher Education of Russia: Trends and Prospects. Pp. 97-102
    Internationalization of Education
    SUKHRISTINA, A.S., ZIYATDINOVA, J.N., KOCHNEV, A.M. Networking as a Form of Internationalization in Education: Case Study of KNRTU. Pp. 103-110
    STARODUBTSEV, V.A., FRANTCUZSKAIA, E.O. Teaching International Students: Unique Competences for Teaching Staff. Pp. 111-116
    120th Anniversary of Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health (Interview with the Rector S.E. Bakulev). Pp. 117-124
    ASHKINAZI, S.M. Origins, Establishment and Tradition of the Research Work in Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health. Pp. 125-134
    SHCHENNIKOVA, M.Yu., BORISEVICH, M.A. Development of the Educational Programmes for Physical Education and Sports. Pp. 135-142
    TERYOKHINA, R.N., MEDVEDEVA, E.N., KRYUCHEK, E.S., VINER-USMANOVA, I.A. Characteristics of Professional Training of Gymnastics Coaches. Pp. 143-146
    TAJMAZOV, V.A., AGEEVETS, V.U., KURAMSHIN, Yu.F. About Lesgaft University Contribution to the Development and Improving of Sports Complex "Ready for Labor and Defense". Pp. 147-152
    ZAKREVSKAYA, N.G., FILIPPOV, S.S. Development of the University Electronic Information Environment. Pp. 154-157
    Discussing a problem
    TSIBIZOVA, T.Yu. Integration of Military Training into Higher Education Programs. Pp. 158-163
    ALMAZOVA, N.I., RUBTSOVA, A.V. Implementation of Productive Foreign Language Education in Higher School. Pp. 164-168

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