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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 11-2015 :.

    Practice of Education Modernization
    RUBIN Yu.B. Entrepreneurship Education in Russia: Diagnosis of the Problem. Pp. 5-17
    MAZOV N.A., GUREYEV V.N. Novosibirsk State University in the Light of Bibliometrics. Pp. 18-27
    Sociology of Education
    KOSTINA E.Yu., ORLOVA N.A. Labor Market and Professional Career Building. Pp. 28-35
    KARPOV A.O. Network Models of Institutionalization in Education for the Knowledge Society. Pp. 37-46
    SILAEVA V.L. Higher Education in the Perception of Russian-Speaking Users. Pp. 47-52
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2015 Internationalization of Education
    MOTOVA G.N. Bologna Process: 15 Years Later. Pp. 53-65
    Education Online
    SOLOVOV A.V., MEN'SHIKOVA A.A. E-Learning: Development Vector. Pp. 66-75 BARYSHEV R.A., BABINA O.I., MANUSHKINA M.M. Informatization of Education: Personal Account of University Electronic Library. Pp. 75-79
    STREMNEV Alexander Yu. Development of Electronic Textbooks in Helpndoc System. Pp. 79-83
    85th Anniversary of Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) (Interview with rector V.M . Prikhod'ko). Pp. 84-87
    USHAKOV V.V. Ensuring the Quality of Engineering Training for the Automobile and Road-Construction Complex of Russia. Pp. 88-94
    IVANOV A.M. Contribution of MADI Scientists to Innovative Development of the Automobile and Road Complex of Russia. Pp. 95-102
    SOLOV'YEV A.N. 20-Year Cooperation with IGIP. Pp. 102-108
    BORSCH V.V., DEMIN V.A., SAZONOVA Z.S. Organization and Realization of Main and Additional Professional Education Programs in the Logistics Field with the Help of Innovative Methods and Technologies. Pp. 108-113
    SAZONOVA Z.S., ARIFULLIN I.V., FEOFANOVA L.S., SCHERBAKOVA V.L. Project-Oriented Learning in the Context of Student Life. Pp. 114-118
    REMENTSOV A.N. Main Export Directions of Education Services. Pp. 119-126
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    NOWAK P. To Empty the Sea with a Thimble: Readerly Exploits, Discoveries and Losses. Pp. 127-135
    RYNDIN D.G. Mamardashvili: Speech as an Event of Thought. Pp. 136-143
    MELIK-GAYKAZYAN I.V. Magic for Cinderella: Procedures of Measurement in Humanitarian Research. Pp. 144-149
    Higher School Pedagogy
    SARANTSEV G.I. Harmonization of Teacher Education. Pp. 150-154
    ZMEEVA T.E. Formation of Creative Professional Personality of Nonlinguistic Higher Education Establishment Student in Foreign Language Course. Pp. 154-158
    KLIMOVA A.B., KHOHLUSHINA E.V. Learner Autonomy and Information Skills Development in the Faculties of Arts and Humanities. Pp. 159-162
    Scientific life
    Activity Pedagogy and Teacher Education: the Results of the International Conference. Pp. 163-164
    All-Russian Competition for the Best Research Book. Pp. 165-166

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