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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 11-2014 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    GRYAZEV M.V., RUDNEV S.A., ANISIMOVA M.A., BLYAKHEROV I.S. Module plans as a means for efficient implementation of university educational programs on the basis of FSES3+. Pp. 5-17
    ENDOVITSKIY D.A., BUBNOV Y.A., GAIDAR K.M. Increased volume of documents circulation as a factor of decline of university's economic efficiency. Pp. 17-24
    KOSHKIN V.I., GORDEEV A.I., BELOTSERKOVSKY A.V., KAPLUNOV I.A., MALTSEVA A.A., PUSTOVALOVA E.L. Improving the efficiency of national student competition. Pp. 25-30
    Philosophy of education and science
    VALITSKAYA A. P. Russian intellectual potential and teacher education. Pp. 31-37
    GOROKHOV V.G. Technoscience as a new stage in the development of modern science and technology. Pp. 37-47
    POLONNIKOV A.A., PROZUMENTOVA G.N. Humanities studies as an attribute for educational innovation. Pp. 47-57
    SHESTAK V.P. Universities and the transition to an innovation economy in the Russian regions. Pp. 57-65
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 11 2014 University life
    Classical university at Chuvashia Republic
    ALEKSANDROV A.J., AFANASIEV V.V. The Ulianov Chuvash State University: basing on traditions to innovations. Pp. 67-73
    SHCHEDRIN V.À. Engineering education for innovation economic development of Chuvash Republic. Pp. 74-81
    ALEKSANDROV A.YU., GARTFELDER V.A., KOVALEV V.G., SUDLENKOV A.A. Integrated structures of engineering and technical resources training for innovational sectors of regional economy. Pp. 81-90
    PETROV N.A., TROESHESTOVA D.A. Organization of psychological and pedagogical support of university entrants. Pp. 90-96
    SHIROKOV O.N., IVANOVA T.N., IDRISOV R.A., YALTAEV D.A., KODYBAYKIN S.N. Experience in organizing patriotic education at classical university. Pp. 97-104
    Sociology of education
    ERMAKOV M.A. Meaning of the social institution of higher education in the process of becoming the information society. Pp. 105-111
    PERVUSHINA E.A. Development of volunteer activities at higher education institution. Pp. 112-117
    CHEPYUK O.R., GINZBURG M.Y. Student business incubator as a center for youth innovative entrepreneurship at the contemporary university. Pp. 117-121
    PROKHOROV S.G., SVIRINA A.A. Efficiency of university monitoring and Russian small cities perspectives. Pp. 121-125
    Engineering pedagogy
    PRIKHODKO V.M., BORSCH V.V., SAZONOVA Z.S. Logistics education in terms of integration of education, science, industry and business. Pp. 126-133
    IVANOV V.G., PRIYMAK E.V., BIKTAGIROV I.A. Training of quality assurance specialists for the enterprises of petrochemical complex in conditions of the formation of the technical regulation system. Pp. 134-139
    Internationalization of education
    MEDNIKOVA T.B., SENASHENKO V.S. Engineering education in the USA. Pp. 140-148
    GITMAN E.K., GITMAN M.B. USE vs ACT or WHAT and HOW is tested in entering exeminations to univirsities in Russia and the USA. Pp. 149-156
    Facts, comments, notes
    LOMAKINA O.V. Difficulties in the application of interactive teaching methods. Pp. 157-158

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