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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 10 - 2021 :.

    Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    B.I. BEDNYI, S.K. BEKOVA, N.V. RYBAKOV, E.A. TERENTEV, N.A. KHODEEVA. Professional Doctorates: International Experience and Russian Context. Pp. 9-21
    D.À. ENDOVITSKY, V.V. KOROTKIKH, A.V. KRIVOSHEEV. Financial Sustainability of the Russian Higher Education Institutions: Quantitative Analysis. Pp. 22-37
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    E.N. IVAKHNENKO. Postgraduate Course “History and Philosophy of Science”: What? How? What for? Pp. 38-52
    M.A. IVANOVA. About the Concept “Learning” in Russian-Language Academic Discourse. Pp. 53-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2021 Higher Education Pedagogy
    A.P. ISAEV, L.V. PLOTNIKOV. Soft Skills for a Successful Engineering Graduate Career. Pp. 63-77
    V.A. SOKOLOVA, I.V. TITOVA. Integrative Approach in Teaching English for Professional Purposes. Pp. 78-86
    N.V. TIKHONOVA. The Use of Digital Portfolio to Assess the Student Teachers’ Professional Skills. Pp. 87-98
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    M.D. SHCHELKUNOV. University Philosophy Course: Reboot is Required. Pp. 99-107
    O.V. VLASOVA. Philosophy of Education and History of Philosophy: Transformation of the Dialogue between Educators and Philosophers in the 21st Century. Pp. 108-116
    Education online
    O. POLYAKOVA, I.N. GORYACHEVA, R. GALSTYAN-SARGSYAN. Collaborative Online Learning: Plurilingual and Pluricultural Development. Pp. 117-127
    University and Region
    Educational Environment of the Pedagogical University
    A.N. MAKARENKO, L.G. SMYSHLYAEVA, I.V. VOLCHKOVA, S.I. POZDEEVA, N.A. SEMENOVA. Organization of Educational Environment at Pedagogical University: Concepts and Scenario of Changes. Pp. 129-136
    M.S. GORBULEVA, I.V.MELIK-GAYKAZYAN, N.A. PERVUSHINA. Educational Environment of Pedagogical University: Integration of Communication Formats. Pp. 137-142
    M.A. CHERVONNYY, A.A. VLASOVA, T.V. SHVALEVA, Ò.Ò. GAZIZOV. Peculiarities of the University’s Educational Environment Implementation in the Organization of Future Teachers’ Pedagogical Practice. Pp. 143-149.
    E.O. FRANTCUZSKAIA, N.A. SEMENENKO, N.A. MEDOVA, E.A. GORDEYEVA. Research Library’s Role and Place in the Educational Environment of Pedagogical University Pp. 150-156.
    Internationalization of Education
    E.F. TROITSKIY, S.M. YUN. Uzbekistan: New Milestones of Higher Education Internationalization. Pp. 157-168.

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