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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 10-2020 :.

    Areas of Higher Education Modernization
    E.A. TERENTEV, B.I. BEDNYI. Problems and Prospects for the Development of Doctoral Education in Russia: The View of Regional Universities. Pp. 9-28
    A.V. BERESTOV, A.I. GUSEVA, V.M. KALASHNIK, V.I. KAMINSKY, S.V. KIREEV, S.M. SADCHIKOV. National Research and Federal Universities Contribution to the Project 5-100. Pp. 30-45
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    K.A. MELEZHIK, A.D. PETRENKO, D.M. KHRABSKOVA. Reflective Hyperconnectivity of Social Networks Virtual Space as a Factor in the Design of Distant Learning Environment. Pp. 46-55
    O.A. DONSKIKH. The New Normal? Pp. 56-64
    O.V. MIKHAILOV, Ya.V. DENISOVA. Distance Learning at Russian Universities: "Step Forward, Two Steps Back"? Pp. 65-76
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2020 Academic Writing
    L.M. BOLSUNOVSKAYA, I.E. RYMANOVA. Academic Writing: Difficulties and Possible Solutions for Engineering Students. Pp.77-85
    Topical Theme
    I.A. ALESHKOVSKIY, A.T. GASPARISHVILI, O.V. KRUKHMALEVA, N.P. NARBUT, N.E. SAVINA. Russian University Students about Distance Learning: Assessments and Opportunities. Pp. 86-100
    I.R. GAFUROV, H.I. IBRAGIMOV, A.M. KALIMULLIN, T.B. ALISHEV. Transformation of Higher Education During the Pandemic: Pain Points. Pp. 101-112
    Sociology of Higher Education
    Sociological Studies at Technical University. P. 113
    A.A. POCHESTNEV. Structural and Functional Approach to the Assessment of the University Educational Programs Quality. Pp. 114-124
    E.V. GRIB, E.N. KOLOMOETS, V.V. LATYSHEVA. Active Methods for Competence "Teamwork and Leadership" Development: The Case of Engineering Students. Pp. 125-134
    E.A. KOGAN, D.I. PONOMAREVA. The Experience of University Department in Organizing Research Circles at Schools as a Direction of University Career Guidance Work. Pp. 135-143
    N.D. SOROKINA. What Influences the Historical Memory of Modern Students? Pp. 144-152
    Research Debut
    S.G. LUKOVENKOV. Political Mission of University: A Retrospective View. Pp. 153-160
    I.I. SOSHENKO. Universities in the Conditions of Change: Request for Social Innovation. Pp. 161-167

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