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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 10-2018 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    E.S. ANICHKIN. Merger of Higher Education Institutions and Educational Competitiveness: Interrelationship Issues. Pp. 9-19
    S.V. BUTSYK. Horizontal Management at Russian University: Current Trend or Urgent Need? Pp. 20-29
    Engineering Pedagogy
    O.V. BUDZINSKAYA, V.S. SHEINBAUM. Institutional Support of Continuing Engineering Education. Pp. 30-46.
    A.I. CHUCHALIN. Engineering Education in the Epoch of Industrial Revolution and Digital Economy. Pp. 47-62
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2018 Academic Writing
    I.B. KOROTKINA. Academic Writing in Russia: The Urge for Interdisciplinary Studies. Pp. 64-74
    O.L. DOBRYNINA. Problems of Academic Writing: Lexical Errors, their Causes and Correction Strategies. Pp. 75-83
    T.S. PUTILOVSKAYA. Competency-and-activity-based Model of Academic Writing. Pp. 84-94
    University and Region
    Zh. A. ERMAKOVA. Orenburg State University as an Agent of Regional Development. Pp. 97-107
    T.A. OLKHOVAYA, S.V. PANKOVA. Priorities of a Regional University Educational Activities Modernization. Pp. 108-114
    A.V. KIRYAKOVA, S.M., KARGAPOLTSEV, N.A. KARGAPOLTSEVA. Educational Integration in the Regional University Cluster. Pp. 115-124
    A.I. SERDYUK, I. D. BELONOVSKAYA, A.B. RADYGIN. The Experience of Target Training for the Defense Industry. Pp. 125-135
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    A.V. KORZHUEV, N.N. ANTONOVA. Epistemological Format of Pedagogical Science and Evidence-based Pedagogy. pp. 136-145
    M. CHUTORA?SKI. Towards the Non-anthropocentric Educational Ontology. Pp. 146-160
    Higher School Pedagogy
    E.F. GLADKAYA. Game as a Way to Enhance Students' Cognitive Activity. Pp. 161-167

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