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    .: Issue 10 - 2017 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    R.G. STRONGIN. University Administration in the Contemporary Conditions.Pp. 5-12
    G.N. MOTOVA. Evolution of Accreditation System in Russian Higher Education.Pp. 13-25
    N.V. POPOVA. Key Issues of Contemporary Educational Policy and Practice.Pp. 26-38
    Higher Education: Critical Discourse
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Pedagogical Optimist or Pedagogical Pessimist: Who Am I?Pp. 39-46
    A.A. POLONNIKOV. A "Semiological Turn" in Pedagogical Sciences.Pp. 47-57
    A.S. ROBOTOVA. Another Twist ... The Answer to A. Polonnikov.Pp. 58-63
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2017 Higher School Pedagogy
    V.M. KARELIN, N.I. KUZNETSOVA, I.N. GRIFTSOVA. "Philosophy" as an Educational Course: the Change of the Concept.Pp. 64-74
    V.Yu. STROMOV, P.V. SYSOYEV. Model of Organization of Students' Scientific and Research Activity.Pp. 75-82
    T.I. SHUKSHINA, Zh.A. MOVSESYAN. Formation of Students' Didactic Competence in the Process of Self-dependent Work.Pp. 83-87
    F.T. SHAGEEVA. Engineering Teacher's Pedagogical Mastery: Ways to Improve.Pp. 88-93
    Internationalization of Education
    V.I. BAIDENKO, N.A. SELEZNEVA. Today's Round of the Bologna Process: Continued Optimism. And a Little Bit about Russian (Paper 1). Pp. 94-108
    A.I. RUDSKOY, A.I. BOROVKOV, P.I. ROMANOV, K.N. KISELEVA. Professional Doctorate: Experience and Prospects. Pp. 109-121
    B.I. BEDNYI. About the "Industrial" Postgraduate Studies (Applied Research).Pp. 122-124
    Philosophy of Science and Education
    V.M. ANIKIN, B.N. POIZNER, E.A. SOSNIN. Scientific Objectivity and Rationality in Thesis: The Pedagogical Aspect.Pp. 125-133
    M.I. KUDINA, L.B. LOGUNOVA, Yu.Yu. PETRUNIN. Education in the Era of Information Challenge.Pp. 134-143
    Sociology of Education
    A.Yu. KUZNETSOV, E.V. VERSHININA. Academic Mobility: Factors of Development and Transformation.Pp. 144-148
    L.V. POPOVA, N.N. MARFENIN, P.L. PEKKER. A Profile of Online Course Student.Pp. 149-155
    Yu.V. SEMENOVA. The Practices of Using Results of National University Rankings by Russian Universities. Pp. 156-159
    Seminars. Conferences
    Round Table Discussion on Engineering Pedagogy: Analysis and Recommendations.Pp. 160-164

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