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    .: Issue 10-2016 :.

    Areas of Education Modernization
    PAKHOMOV, S.I., DMITRIEV, G.I., GURTOV, V.A., SHCHEGOLEVA, L.V. Method to Evaluate the Possibility of Establishing Dissertation Council in the Organization Administered by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. Pp. 5-15
    BLINOV, V.I., ESENINA, E.Yu., KLINK, O.F., RYKOVA, E.A., FAKTOROVICH, A.A. The Occupational Standards as a Tool of the Human Resource Management in the Educational Organization. Pp. 16-23
    Federal University: The Best Practices
    ÑHICHERINA, N.V., BUGAENKO, O.D. Models of Higher Education Academic Programmes Realized in Network Form. Pp. 24-36
    MIKHAILOVA, E.I., SAVVINOV, V.M. University as an Institute for Regional Development. Pp. 37-47
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2016 Philosophy of Education and Science
    POLONNIKOV, A.A., KALACHIKOVA, O.N., KOROL, D.Yu., KORCHALOVA, N.D. Text Centered Educational Discourse in the Mirror of Contemporary Visual Culture. Pp. 48-61
    ABRAMOV, R.N., GRUZDEV, I.A., TERENT'EV, E.A. Academic Profession and Ideology of "Slow Scholarship". Pp. 62-70
    Crossroad of Opinions
    MIKHAILOV, O.V. Definition of Teacher's Rating in View of His Publication Activity. Pp. 71-78
    GREBNEV, L.S. Evolution of the Unified State Exam: View from Educational Assessment Tools. Pp. 79-92
    University Life
    85 Years of Higher Pedagogical Education in Mordovia
    KADAKIN, V.V. Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute Named after M.E. Evseviev as a Training Center for Teaching Staff in the Region. Pp. 94-100
    MIRONOVA, M.P., BURLYAEVA, O.V. Independent Monitoring of Educational Outcomes and Quality of Education in the Practice of Pedagogical College. Pp. 101-106
    KULEBYAKINA, M.Yu., GORSHENINA, S.N. Affiliated Chair of Teacher Training College: The Practical Experience. Pp. 107-112
    TATIANINA, T.V., SHUKSHINA, T.I. The Final State Attestation in Magistracy: Practice-Oriented Format. Pp. 113-118
    RYABOVA, N.V., KARPUNINA, O.I. Preparing Teachers for Inclusive Education. Pp. 119-124
    VASILKINA, L.V., BIRYUKOVA, O.I. Succession Between Schools and Pedagogical Institute in Vocational Training of Language and Literature Teacher. Pp. 125-129
    BABUSHKINA, L.E., PISKUNOVA, S.I. Implementation Model of Multilevel Foreign Language Training. Pp. 130-135
    Sociology of Education
    KALACHINSKAYA, E.V., KONEVA, N.V. Russia's Integrated Exam for Migrants: Results from the First Year of Its Implementation. Pp. 136-143
    GEBEL, E.S. Adaptation of First-Year Students to the Educational Process. Pp. 144-147
    Internationalization of Education
    GURULEVA, T.L. Technologies of Sociocultural Integration of Foreign Students: Experience of the Russian-Chinese Educational Cooperation. Pp. 148-153
    PEVNAYA, M.V., KALININA, A.N. International Volunteering as a Resource of Russian Universities. Pp. 154-161
    FRANTCUZSKAIA, E.O., DERYUSHEVA, V.N. Training University Teachers to Deliver Non-linguistic Educational Courses in English. Pp. 162-168

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