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Higher education in Russia - a peer-reviewed scholarly journal
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    .: Issue 10-2015 :.

    Practice of education modernization
    A.M. DOLGORUKOV, V.V. ZYRYANOV, Ph.V. MALAKHOV, L.V. TEMNOVA. Experience in Developing Procedures for Professional and Public Accreditation for the Social and Humanitarian Sphere of Russian Education. Pp. 5-15
    V.P. RYZHOV, V.V. TERESHKOV, N.A. KASHIRINA, A.A. MAR'YEV. On the Assessment of Teachers' Work Efficiency in the Light of the Effective Contract Introduction. Pp. 16-26
    Higher School Pedagogy
    V.M. PRIKHOD'KO, Z.S. SAZONOVA. The Problem of Creating a System of Advanced Training of Teaching Staff of Technical Universities: The Basic Ideas of the Concept of its Solution. Pp. 27-36
    S.A. MINYUROVA, N.O. LEONENKO. Pedagogical Internship: A University Innovative Project. Pp. 37-47
    L.S. GREBNEV. General Cultural Competences and Educational Technologies. Pp. 48-51
    The Journal Higher education in Russia 10 2015 Internationalization of education
    V.I. BAYDENKO. Bologna Process: Present Stage. Pp. 52-60
    YEREVAN COMMUNIQU? (14-15 May, 2015). Pp. 60-65
    Statement of the Fourth Bologna Policy Forum (Yerevan). Pp. 65-67
    R.A. ABRAMOV. Integration of Russian and Belarusian Universities as a Form of Access to Modern Education. Pp. 68-74
    Sociology of education
    A.A. MOSKOVSKAYA. Should Higher Education Meet the Demand in the Labor Market? Pp. 75-84
    E.A. OPFER. Risk-Management in University Educational Quality Management. Pp. 84-91
    95th anniversary of North-Ossetian State University after K.L. Khetagurov
    V.G. SÎZANOV. The Development of a Regional University: An Integrated Approach. Pp. 93-97
    B.A. TAKHOKHOV. The Development of Professional-Pedagogical Competence of a University Teacher. Pp. 97-104
    E.V. SEN'KO. Science as a Component of the Higher Education System. Pp. 105-111
    V.G. SOZANOV, A.P. BLIEV, T.T. MAGKOEV. Center for Collective Use "The Physics and Technology of Nanostructures": Functions and Tasks. Pp. 112-120
    E.G. KUL'CHIEVA, A.E. BATYROV. Pedagogic Work System in a Modern University. Pp. 121-126
    Z.K. MALIEVA. Application of Modern Educational Technology in the Process of Prevention and Overcoming of Students' Moral Alienation. Pp. 126-132
    Education Online
    V.A. STARODUBTSEV. Personalized MOOCS in Blended Learning. Pp. Pp. 133-144 N.I. YASHINA, S.S. PETROV, M.Yu. GINZBURG. Wiki-Technologies in the Academic Master Level Programms of Modern Russian Innovative University. Pp. 145-153
    A.S. ZUEV. E-Learning as an Instrument Ensuring National Competitive Advantages Development and the Source of National Security Threats. Pp. 153-159
    Fact, comments, notes
    S.A. KUDZH, M.A. NAZARENKO. Training of Specialists on Information Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry. Pp. 160-164
    D.A. KAYBIYAYNEN. Network Effect in the Regional Economy Provided by Education Clusters. Pp. 164-167

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